Dog owners must be more responsible, all of them.


Responsible dog owners must be angered whenever they see dog doo-doo on the lawn of a property owner. 

Responsible dog owners stoop and scoop their dog’s waste rather than leaving it behind on anyone’s property. It is the proper thing to do and doing so saves the good reputation that every dog owner would like to have.

It doesn’t take much effort. Carry a small plastic bag to scoop up your dog’s business. Bend down, scoop it up and dispose of it properly. A community trash receptacle will do fine. Otherwise, take it home and dispose of it in your own refuse bin.

Save all our reputations
Dog owners who act irresponsibly give all dog owners a bad reputation. Failing to pick up dog waste leads property owners into thinking that all dog owners are irresponsible, careless slobs. This is not true. The majority of dog owners are very respectful of properties picking up after their dogs. Pedestrians, strollers, other dog walkers and most importantly, homeowners appreciate that lawns are kept clean and walkable without the worry of stepping in dog dirt.

Join the crowd, remain a responsible dog owner and retain the respect homeowners have for responsible dog owners. Stoop and scoop!

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