A great espresso in a very inexpensive way

The least expensive way to great espressos – the Moka pot

This little coffee maker produces excellent expresso at a low price.

If you enjoy espresso coffee, the Moka pot is the least expensive espresso maker you can buy. Yet, it delivers potent, delicious, easy-to-prepare espresso coffees.

We have an expensive espresso maker in our home which does everything except talk to you while it makes its coffees. Even that may be a possibility if I could figure out the technology. But when we travel and stay somewhere for a period of time, we bring along our trusty and dependable Moka espresso pot. It makes outstanding espresso coffees easily and dependably, every time.

Easy to use
Having just four parts, the Moka is a breeze to use. Unscrew the dome from its base, take out the coffee grounds basket, fill the base about half full of water, replace the coffee basket filled with good ground coffee, screw the dome back on. Put it on the burner and wait for the Moka to bubble up its fresh brew. The Moka allows hot water to pass upward, through coffee grounds, and rise up out of a tube—meaning brewed coffee does not have to pass through any additional coffee filters, as the grounds stay below the final extraction. Shut off the stove and give the bubbling a chance to subside. Pour yourself a great espresso.

Cleaning is easy
Unscrew the dome, remove the grounds basket and discard the grounds. Rinse everything with water and set aside for your next brewing.

The Moka can be purchased in many places, from kitchen appliance stores to hardware stores, even on Amazon. Cost varies a little but usually, it is in the price is just under $20. [ The more expensive models do not make a better brew. They just look better on the stove. The basic aluminum model works perfectly. ]

Coffee making pros have a more elaborate explanation about using this espresso maker but the K.I.S.S. principle as used above makes espresso fine.

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