Plan Ahead

Plan Ahead: 
Complete a few of life’s big tasks now to ease
the impact of your death on those you leave behind

Living your daily life in the way you do, normally and fully, you can too easily forget that your life will come to a close someday. Ask yourself, have you got everything organized and in order for when that happens?

Preparing for death can be a stressful and unpleasant task but it should be done to ease the burden on your family. Avoiding doing this preparatory can have many negative and adverse impacts on estate distribution to funeral services and arrangements.

When someone passes away, families must make a multitude of decisions within a very short period of time, days ranging from the simpler tasks such as notifying friends to more complicated matters such as gathering all the necessary documentation and making and paying for final arrangements.

These kinds of matters if not put in order before the time, will add much anxiety and stress to the family at a time when they already have much to worry about. You can ease their worrisome stresses by making plans and organizing matters before.

Consider this list of areas which will need to be put in order:

    More than half (56%) of Canadian adults do not have a will. The impact of not having a will can cause major problems with family expenses and family agreements.
    Death can transform routine tasks such as paying bills into a larger ordeal for those left behind. Make a list of payees, account numbers, due dates and financial institutions.
    It might seem like a small thing but making a list of passwords for anything relating to bank accounts, automatic bill payments and even online programs and social media accounts will be very useful for those left behind.
    Burial or cremation? The funeral services expenditures? Express your wishes to ease the significant burden for others later on.
    ESTATE ORGANIZER is available through, It is a comprehensive document you complete with all the information your loved ones will need when the time comes. Your family members will benefit tremendously by your foresight and planning with this document.
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