EDITORIAL: News ‘confewsed’

News ‘Confewsed’??

News, televised, printed, broadcast, all news is becoming more and more confusing. We are being bombarded by news from every direction, TV, radio, newsprint and each little bit causes greater confusion and greater anxiety.
   News should be just that, new information about events happening in the world and around us locally. Plain, simple, succinct and concise, without subjective analysis, personal biases, network slants, or publishers’ prejudices.

Those were the days
‘Remember the good old days?’ may have some merit here now. Try these on for size depending on your age and country of residency: Walter Cronkite, Huntley & Brinkley, Peter Mansbridge, Lloyd Robertson, Barbara Frum, Lisa LaFlamme, John Chancellor, Edward R. Morrow. Now that was news broadcasting. Printed news? Christiane Amanpour, Robert Woodward, Carl Bernstein, Rex Murphy, Kevin Newman… some of these purveyors of honest news still practice their craft today. These were/are reporters worth hearing, worth reading, reporters who delivered the news, clearly, concisely, with no adulteration…just the news.

News today
News today is unreliable, untrustworthy and lacks the professional integrity of bygone times. Every report displays bias and some subjective opinion rather than doing neutral, objective reporting. Additionally, today’s news is filled with contradiction and conflict resulting in more confusion and jumbled understanding. One broadcaster will report these numbers, the next totally different and contradictory numbers. Adding to the chaos of clarity, there is emotional tainting of the news, sensational labelling, emotion-riddled descriptions and bombastic accounting. “Sensationalize it to sell it. Facts be damned.”

You choose
Be selective in what you choose to watch and/or read for news. If the majority of the news is violent, crime-related, catastrophic, war-torn news, consider a new source of news. If your news sources titillate, provoke and stir your emotions, consider what you are willing to accept, and how much. After all, you control what you want to view or what you want to read.

Your news sources
We will not suggest you stop viewing or reading the news. Instead, we suggest you refine your news sources. Select ones which you feel are trustworthy and give you ‘clean’ information. Keep it simple, just 2 or 3 sources, should keep you up with the news, giving you information and keeping you on top of what’s going on around you in the world and locally.

You’re in control.

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