Jan 10 – Old people prefer the old ways, even the not so old

Old people prefer the old routines, the old procedures, the old methods of doing things. Throw new ones at them and they get confused and lost. So Rotzy claims and he’s not that old.

“What The Heck….
            is goin’ on here, Toad”?! I said (to myself), or something like that, after clicking onto ‘Compose’ to start on this week’s column….but the image on the screen was ‘different from usual’ in a big way….then I followed up with “Don’t sweat it Bub, you figured out how to ‘handle’ the ‘new look/format’ Inbox and cetera without a melt-down/breakdown…. and ‘compose’ is/should be ‘the same s–t, different shovel’. “Oh yeah”?….well this IS different….REALLY different and a totally new layout in fact. Now we both know how olde people hate any changes in routine….right?”. “Never mind, just give it a go…..you’ll be fine”. OK, OK, OK, OK….this is the heck of me, nonetheless Rotzy’s ‘giving it a go’….wish me luck.

Been A Long Tyme (*see below)
            Wheelchair Bob and the Missus were here for a visit last Fri. and at one point Bob was flashing Rotzy a ‘hand sign’….actually, multiple signs….that wasn’t/weren’t registering with me and I clearly wasn’t ‘getting it’….over and over and over, no luck….then the ladies joined the ‘charade’, and still no luck. (by the bye, Bobber is basically ‘non-verbal’ since a stroke 10 years ago, but gets by quite well with signs, gestures, and numbers. Almost always! I was stumped, but he wasn’t giving up, hence I got to where he was pointing….the fridge! Something taped to it? One of the many magnets? Menus? NO!! Inside?! Aha! You want another Bud Light tall boy!! No? Hey!!! Bingo! Immediately, “HUZUL’S”?! I axed. ‘Yes’ he shouted back, clear as a bell. Problem was there were NO HUZUL’S in the Fridgedaire*tm. Sorry, but for those unaware, Huzul’s (Pron. HYEW-zuhls) are actually kielbasa sausage and they’ve been around for three generations up near the end of Pearl St. down from The Polish Hall/Pearl here in Brant’s Ford…an area that became affectionately known to many as Hunky Hollow. Anyway, here’s my buddy with a serious hankering for Huzuls and I’ve got none!….so….SO….yours truly apologized and told Bobber to ‘be ready for me early tomorrow’ (Sat) ayem! I pulled into the Brantford Farmer’s Market at 7:04 AM….I was customer #10 and learned their maximum number of shoppers was/is 80 at a tyme, hence they had 3 or 4 ladies keeping track very closely. Firstly I landed at Jensen’s stall….THE very best OLD cheddar cheese. Anywhere. Ever. And some curds to snack on. Onward a hop and a skip and there’s Dave Huzul (not his real name), the current keeper of the aforementioned shoppe. The counter is full of various cuts of meat….bacon, chops, hocks and cetera….and a small mountain of kielbasa….aka ‘Huzuls’….and it will be gone by 10:00AM, guaranteed!! Every Saturday. So….SO….Dave found me a goodly-sized chunk and weighed it off, as the smell that comes off the Huzul’s makes it a challenge NOT to dig into it immediately, but Rotzy’s didn’t want to ‘upstage’ Bobber’s treat, so I cut it in half soon as I got home, ran his up to the 5th floor, then I had to get going onto my daily buckboard run….wondering, as I rode down elevator #1 (which hadn’t broken down yet at that point) wondering how many slices the big guy had wolfed down before I hit the Ground Floor? Enjoy, my friend! I’m gonna tell him next tyme he’s wanting some Huzuls just to draw a big ‘H’ on his thigh.

This One Caught My Eye
            It was a fwd from a reader and arrived here at “F/N”HQ BEFORE these ‘so-called changes’ to my Inbound program took place, so I had no problems with it….and it’s a good one. It goes like this: * “I almost quit drinking for 2022 but then I thought about the people who work in breweries in order to feed their families! Imagine.” Well, dont’cha know, that hit close to home if you know what I mean, and reminded me of a very similar situation involving Rotzy and Miz. Jo when we moved “From Nakina” to Brant’s Ford in late September of 2018 (*see below). Firstly, the Nakina Legion, William Grant Branch #116 is the only spot in Nakina for the sale of alcoholic beverages….and The LCBO (aka The In and Out Store) is the only outlet for the purchase of LCBO products as well as Domestic and Imported Beer. Interestingly, we stayed in touch with a number of friends up north and not long after our departure we got second hand word that the LCBO had A/ ‘offered’ early retirement to the long-tyme Nakina Store Manager; B/ Laid off a ‘Casual Hours’ worker; and C/ cut back on the hours of a ‘Part Tyme’ employee.(*see above) Apparently Head Office was blaming a large drop in sales on ‘a smaller number of moose hunting tags being issued for #17,#18 and #19 areas. Imagine. Rotzy well recalls when they opened the ‘new’ LCBO Store on Quebec and what a large improvement it was over the olde place ‘downtown’ on Railway Ave. Anyway, we trust sales are back up these days, with no ‘pink slips’ being issued.

I Heard It On CBC….
            ….’it’ being my second favourite radio program. Of course my fave is the Documentary Hour Sunday ayem from 5:00 till 6:00…and #2 is the hour BEFORE that one, so it’s 4:00AM to 5:00AM, needless to say, if/when I ‘sleep in’ I don’t always catch it in its’ entirety. A senior’s moment is keeping the title from me at the moment, but anyway they’re two (fairly young sounding) scientists and they broadcast from Bonn, Germany. Their topics are varied, sometymes with guests, sometymes not, sometymes a song, sometymes humour, ideas and opinions….one of them fully vacccinated, the other not, tho he doesn’t go flapping his gums off about it. So….SO today Rotzy learned that hamsters are a favoured species/speciman for checking out COVID-19 in labs….in fact ‘Syrian Hamsters’ top the list. So, you see, if I hadn’t been listening in yesterday I would NOT be aware of that important fact. Hence, listening to CBC is no doubt enlightning me, which could/should improve my I/Q, in turn enhancing my ‘status’ within the BGG (Brantford Guy Group)….maybe even moving the olde guy to the MENSA side of the ledger. By the bye, yesterday the scientists basically stated that OMNICRON (altho MUCH more contagious is not nearly as dangerous as the Delta variant…..not as sick/not sick for as long/shorter quarantine tyme/fewer deaths. Dr. Theresa Tam appears to be on the same page….like her prov counterparts….but they’re all terrified a number of hospitals (who are already ‘on life support’) won’t make it through. Go get a needle folks!! before the next ‘new’ variant makes land!!

*Thought Of The Day…If you don’t like where you are, move. You’re not a tree.

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