The newest addition to the “New York Times”- bestselling Stone Barrington series.
Dumped by his glamorous Russian girlfriend during dinner at Elaine’s, and running low on cash, Stone Barrington is having a bad week. So his luck seems to be improving when he’s hired to locate the missing son of a very wealthy man-lucky because the job pays well, and because the son is hiding in the tropical paradise of Key West. But when Stone and his sometimes running buddy Dino Bacchetti arrive in the sunny Keys, it appears that someone has been lying in wait. When Stone very nearly loses his life after being blindsided at a local bar, he realizes that the young man he’s been hired to track may have a good reason for not wanting to be found. Suddenly Key West is looking less like Margaritaville and more like the mean streets of New York. . . .

Richard says
Much ado about nothing. Kind of a silly story because there’s just a lot of dialogue bantering back and forth with our leading man, Stone, his supporting actor, Dino the NYPD Lieutenant, a bunch of thugs, private eyes, Florida Keys police and such. The bantering is like watching a tennis match, plock, plock, plock as your head swivels from one character to another.

Definitely not vintage Woods, but if you’re a writer, you can have no better model for writing dialogue than Stuart Woods. He retains your attention rivetingly as you bounce along with his conversations. It really is a model for writers to learn.


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