Text Blaze: insert text at a click of keyboard

Ever find you are wishing for a way to insert text that you have typed over and over again, without typing it in AGAIN?

TEXT BLAZE is your answer!

This app does the ‘repetitive text’ entry for you, saving you time and energy. 

Here are ‘text snippets’ that I use over and over again and which now are typed in for me by the click of a personally customized pair of keystrokes.

  • My signature text at bottom of an email
  • My name
  • A particular phrase or word I want inserted frequently
  • A particular letter I send out often

Text eliminates the drudgery of retyping copy, words, text excerpts, even whole letters over and over. You create the text you need along with a set of ‘trigger keys’….test it in Text Blaze try window, confirm it works….and poof, done. 

Now, anywhere you type the particular trigger set of keys, the text snippet associated with it will be inserted. A godsend for saving energy, time and drudgery.

Try the free version which may be all you need, ever:  TEXT BLAZE


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