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Rotzy keeps on truckin’…ya expected otherwise??

Readers Write….
            and if you’re thinking this selection arrived from some ‘crusty, olde, SOB’….other than me….you might be right. Check ’em out: *Sorry I’m late….I didn’t want to come. **The best thing about the good, old days is that I wasn’t good, and I wasn’t old. ***I have stopped listening, so why are you talking? ****If you’re happy and you know it, it’s your meds.*****Science doesn’t care what you believe.******If you can’t laugh at yourself, let me do it. Keep ’em coming folks.

If Only….
            we’d purchased $10 or $15 thousand dollars worth of Pfizer*tm stock 10 or 15 years ago Miz. Jo and Rotzy would be ‘living the dream’ to quote a “F/N” reader….not to mention all the COVID-Vaccine we’d ever need….without the lineups! ”If only”, eh? Well obviously THAT didn’t happen….but what if Rotzy was/is THE Bob who owns ‘Bob’s Flags’ down in Pineville, North Carolina. We were customers of Bob’s for many moons, however, we were buying ‘decorative’ flags’ and banners….until we moved here to 555 Harris Place and Skyline asked/told us to ‘remove’ the 2’x3′ silk ‘Welcome’ banner (“someone complained”) covered with beautiful red poppies….so that people 3 floors down on ground level wouldn’t be killed if it worked its’ way loose and hurtled downward. But I digress….back to Bob’s Flags…..it was VERY clear Bobber did/does a LOT of business ‘North of the 49th’ by his ads and specials geared towards Canadians (note* it never occurred to Jo Ann and Rotzy when we were in Nakina to actually purchase a Cdn flag from Bob as we always had a couple….one on the pole and one of ’em still in the package…..courtesy of our Fed MP for T Bay/Superior North….Joe Comuzzi, Bruce Hyer and Patty Hajdu over a 20 year period. I’m guessing/betting not a lot of Canucks know their MP’s can do this ‘free flag thing’ for them but IF you’ve watched much of this sheer ‘IDIOCY’ that’s gone on/going on at an Alberta/USA Border Crossing point, the convergence via #401 on Ottawa and then the ‘lock’ that these ‘protesters’ now have on our capital….Canadians are loading up on red on white maple leafs from somewhere. TODAY (Sat 5th) is Toronto’s Turn….so LOOK OUT TRONNA! Anyway, after all this TV coverage and ALL those CANADA FLAGS….one hanging haphazardly off Terry Fox….if I am ‘Pineville Bob’ I ”love alla y’all Canadians”. Actually, Bob closed his retail shop about five years ago…..because the BIG MONEY is in the mailout and online bid’ness. By the bye……that pretty poppie banner we removed from our balcony here at #303?….it now adorns the Veterans Room at the Royal Cdn Legion in Nakina. Lord love a duck! I DO hope it’s FIRMLY attached to the wall, insomuch as a quick blast of -47C air could come in the front door, ripping the poppies from their moorings and wipe out a foursome (like Gary, Pauline, Ayren and Garret…. (not their real names)….digging into their All-U-Can Eat Spaghetti Dinner. So….SO….it’s 11:58 AM as I wrap up the Sat portion of this week’s column. It says here and now that the Toronto protesters/flag wavers/rioters are sure to ‘out-doo’ the Bytown Bunch from last weekend tho I know not whose graves they might choose to dance on? Also, it wasn’t until I heard the newscast on CBC at 6:00AM THIS morning….Sun the 5th….that I learned of Confederate and Nazi flags being proudly flown in Ottawa last w/end….yet I feel fully confident Hogtown will emerge with something even more revolting than that, altho organizers….’organizers’??!!….in the Capital are expecting thousands more for Week II. They better watch out because ‘Fluffy’ Trudeau is coming on more like Tuffy Trudea these days…..s–t! Tuffy! It even sounds better, you think??

Excuse Me….
            but Rotzy’s gonna ‘call a Tyme Out’. T/O One at this point….Sun 6th 7:30AM. I want/need a ‘puff’, so down to Edna The SUV/my ‘smoking room’ I go….-12C, shorts are the order of the day….’warming’ to -2C. Well, in a way I just wasted a ‘timeout’….other than enjoying my 2nd ‘puff du jour’, I learned diddly-squat about the Hogtown hooligans, instead, ’twas a bi-lingual near-riot in Quebec City, which is doing NOTHING to welcome ‘Winter Carnival’ goers, leaving it all up to the always smiling ‘Monsieur BonHomme’. I did pick up on part of an interesting interview….now this was on CBC Radio-English/Anglais 89.1FM, with no translaters, so Rotzy kicked it into my ‘je parle Francais mode’ and waited for the CBC guy to speak with the crowd…..then some guy was shouting into the microphone (to be heard above the yelling/screaming throng) “I avn’t ad diss much phunn since we taked to da streets for da Maurice Richard riot in ninedeen fiffy siss!! Then he screamed ”Vive la Quebec! Or was it le Quebec? No matter, as I pictured him waving the Fleur de Lis. Maudit. Next stop, the blocking of the Alberta border crossing. Still. With MORE trucks now involved. ”C’mon man….what about Ottawa”??!! you ask. Well, there has been mark-ed increase in ‘protestors’ (that seems to be their preference) hence, who better to axe than The Chief Of Police? He replied ”it’s worse than ever”! then dealt with increase in numbers of participants, increase in all their ‘unlawful activities’ and closing with Ottawans troubled that virtually NONE of these low-lifes are getting the boot and/or having their rigs towed…..home…..at owner’s cost. This SEIGE is nearing TWO WEEKS in duration. The Chief is ‘stumped’. (*it says here, how about you get a machete, get a couple dozen ‘worst offenders’, do some flattening of all ten tyres on ten Kenworths and yank off all their air horns….really have at them! Imagine. Better than ”I don’t know what to do”!!!

2nd Time Out….
            Right now please Mr. Referee! Enough of this s–t, right here and now….tyme out because it’s tyme for a smile or three, and Rotzy came up with some good stuff on CBC Radio yesterday…..Sat, just before and just after NOON, they have the CBC ‘Because News’ with Gavin Lawson….with three or four Comedians….stand-ups and Canadians to boot! Imagine. They’re funny as the get-go and anybody is a target! (*see below)

3rd Tyme Out
            Sunday 11:17AM….*UPDATE* CBC 89.1 FM…. 11:00AM News….a BIG turnout of (mostly) horn honkers in Tronna yesterday. Organizers (somebody say ”organizers”???) promise more of the same today. More ‘smoke bombers today? There was ONE yesterday but an arrest was made! (*hope the Ottawa Police Chief was listening to CBC*)

CBC Radio Laffs (*see above)
            Sorry, but I forget the name of the Host on the other comedy show, The Debaters. He introduces a certain topic, then 3 ‘contestants’ with a funny lead-in, and with ‘short notice’ they each do their bit on the subject. Then they do the ‘Bare Knuckle Round. Yesterday The Because News nearly put me in the ditch whilst driving Edna The SUV south on Park Rd. N. The ‘News Item’….a new Bill was ‘Mandated’ (the word/term that’s wreaking havoc in Canada, coast to coast to coast) and this one passed almost unanimously, was given Royal Assent same day! The Bill was issued by and it was/is ”To legalize Porcupines as Household Pets In Canada.” Hear, Hear, Hear!!! LOL/LOL and too “F/N” funny! The other laff was on Because News and somebody did some great lyrics on a ‘new song’…..”You ‘Needled’ Me”….a ‘cover version’ of Anne Murray’s big hit “You Needed Me”. You want a laff? Good stuff on The Corps Saturdays.

*Thought Of The Day…Everyone was thinking it, I just said it.

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