Feb 14 – To be truckin’ on or not to be….

Rotzy knows which side of the road he’s truckin’ down…

I Put It Down As Nonsense….
….at first, after a conversation with another olde guy last mid-week over at The In And Out Store. Methinks we’ve ‘known each other’ for a couple or three years….you know, ‘Hi Guy…Nice day eh’?/how ’bout the Leafs’? I don’t know his name or where he lives….hell he may well be at 555 Harris Place….there’s 300 of us here and Rotzy doesn’t know them all, tho it seems most of them know ‘Bob from 555’. So….SO….the guy starts in on the ‘truckers mandate protest’. Yours truly wasn’t really ‘into this’ at the tyme, but he was really getting cranked up, pointing out to me (in a very LOUD voice) ”it’s all about the ‘COVID Mandate’! And repeated it twice whilst nodding his pumpkin vigorously in agreement. He went on “However, I recently found the cure/answer to the current situation! OK? Are you ready to hear it?? Mandate isn’t working, agreed?….nor will it be accepted. So-o-o-o-o-o-o all they do is change the wording….from MANdate to WOMANdate”!! Rotzy said ”Ho-lee s–t pal, are you feeling OK? Lookit here Bud, in truth this protest/riot/coup has precious little do do with these guy and gal truckers….or their little kids who came along for the ride. Now, just re-wind your tape to last week and the ‘protester’s fund-raiser.’…OK?…for fuel, food, who-knows-what, and cetera. Well my friend….they….or ‘somebody'(*see below)….managed to ‘really shoot the lights out’ netting TEN MILLION DOLLARS in 3 or 4 days. Think about that amount! Jerry Lewis had to work an entire Labour Day Weekend to make ONE Million. And when one legitimate company on the ‘fund raising team’ saw TEN MILL on the tote board they were gone in a New York Minute….sum ting wong! Hence, methinks it best if you scrap your ‘Womanhood idea’ as well. Sorry about that. But while all this s–t happens….the protests/riots/blockades/do-nothing police and politicians, going back a week or so, to Sun 6th and Rotzy’s been telling anybody that wants to listen ” there’s something rotting in Denmark. It’s something big! Very BIG indeed….and I seriously doubt if Mr and Mrs Trucker and the kids have an inkling that they are merely ‘pawns in a real-life game of Chess….quite possibly a ‘world-wide game’. (*note* you’ll have to excuse my lack of knowledge about Chess….I’ve NEVER played the game, thus I’m guessing ‘pawns’ and not ‘prawns’. Also, if we ‘vaccinated people in general’….as well as the rest of them….paid/pay closer attention to the stats/numbers, again from circa Jan 6th, we were told some 90% of truck drivers were/are needled. And yet 10% of the trucking populous can stir up a s–t storm to these ridiculous levels, whilst we all look on. They’re getting help from somewhere! The ‘bandwagoners’ on Day One….those proud Canadians who ‘gathered at #401 overpasses’ en route TO Ottawa have long since folded up their Canadian Flags and gone home, for going on two weeks. Not so for the Ottawa gang. For some reason ????? they wanna keep on stirring the pot. Stay with me on this ‘thing’ OK? If/when ‘something breaks’…..and it will….and our government wakes up….and it will….I methinks….it’s gonna be a “F/N” doozie. (*see below)

Remember A Few Weeks Back….
….I crowned Justin Trudeau as “F/N” D.O.T.W. Award Winner (Dink Of The Week)? I can’t put my hands on that edition just now, but I recall J/T had to ‘share’ that week’s winning circle with somebody else….but still was acknowledged. And then in the following week or two here’s Rotzy eating Roast Crow! Damn. The thing is I had decided/indicated he’d gone from Fluffy Trudeau to Tuffy Trudeau after taking a very ‘uncharacteristically’ strong stance vs some hard-line anti-vaccers. Well, dont’cha know last week ‘Fluffy’ was back in Rideau Hall, first as ‘COVID-contacted’ then graduated to a ‘COVIDF-carrier’. But not to worry, Junior does NOT have a sore tummy. Of course our P/M is already on record as having told the law-breakers HE will NOT negotiate with blatant protesters…..I assume he means THEM….the law breakers….and it was in very terse words, for Fluffy. Tell you one thing, if you recall his Pappa’s dealings with/handling of the FLQ during The October Crisis, it’s clear that Junior doesn’t have that type of character. Not even close. More like Margaret. Sadly, there’s a terribly similar shortage of cajones when it comes to the Ottawa Chief Of Police….who will NEVER be mistaken for Dirty Harry or Buford T. Pusser!…and/or the Ontario Premier. Both solid ‘contenders’ for the D.O.T.W. *note to His Lordship in Bytown…..you and the Chief go to The Hill and tell the truck owners (one at a tyme) get your truck outta town….go home…NOW! And if they don’t, move it for them! There ARE plenty tow trucks that WILL gladly do the job. We’ll be watching.

Just As Ridiculous….
….as Ottawa’s tale ‘o woe, and to a lesser degree the scene in T/O, the ‘seige’ of The Ambassador Bridge continues on…to day # who-knows-what…..and the truckers are displaying the same style/amount of ”we’re not going anywhere”….and so far they haven’t. Gone anywhere. ‘More stupid than stubborn’ it says here….tho they’d not likely agree, you think? Anyway, I’m guessing Bytown is ‘hosting a LOT more eighteen wheelers than the Windsor/Dee-troyt crossing which is slowly killing the auto industry….that may be a tad overstated but I don’t think so as I recall waiting for parts in Group 29 of Oshawa’s G/M T/A Plant….and they weren’t even due to a bridge closure. (*ouch* as of Sun 13th the Ambassador had cost ‘business’ $3 Billion for week one)

Good News For Nakina
….Miz. Jo and Rotzy were really pleased to hear Nakina will finally be getting its’ own Doctor! Can’t even guess who was the last physician to actually LIVE THERE? and this has gotta come as great news! Doctor Tiffany Connors Desruisseaux!! and it’s kinda like ‘the prodigal daughter returns….yes….she really did! Return. Seems that Tiffany went into Pharmacy….and basically ‘just kept going from there!! Congrats to you and Brad! It seems just a few years ago….tho it was 20 or more…..at Christmas Eve Mass in the school gym and Tiffany sang Silent Night/Sante Nuit (solo) with Jean-Guy Girard (Guitar) yours truly (Organ) backing her up. It was very special. Once again, welcome home!

*Thought Of The Week…*I thought the PC’s would improve when they gave Erin O’Toole the boot. Well, Candice Bergen got the ‘interim leader’ ticket and what does she do? Welcomes/falls all over the ‘protesting truckers’ as if they’re some kind of ‘stars’,,,,,or maybe ‘financial people’. Way to go, Candy….way to go.

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