Feb 21 – Rotzy’s goes truckin each mornin’….but not to Ottawa

Rotzy does his own truckin’ thing each morning on the parking lot of Harris Place….the man is entitled to his morning coffee and smoke, in the manner that pleases him!

           9:00AM-ish to Noon-ish….and Rotzy’s admittedly having a tyme of it because Rotzy doesn’t ‘do double-tasking’ well at all, like when I’m walking and chewing gum at the same tyme, suddenly realize it and my pumpkin kicks into O/D….but in the case at hand, we’re referring to A/ writing my weekly Times-Star “F/N” column whilst B/ glimpsing at the police/military who are busy removing ”protesters” on CTV’s News Channel…..even a couple of their $200G rigs. But we’ll get back to that in a while, OK? OK.

Snow Removal-‘Skyline Style’
          You will please note yours truly said/wrote ‘removal’….NOT ‘plowing’….and the difference is substantial. And (for our four winters here at 555 Harris place) removal’s not had to have been used much in Brant’s Ford and nil here at the compound, because we don’t get nearly as much snow as Kitchener for example. Then came the Storm Of The Decade a couple weeks ago and we end up with The Skyline Mountains, different sizes/shapes, but all 10-15 ft high, all ‘snow-capped’, right here at the 536/555/575 compound. Well folks, dont’cha know we all got notified (as per normal, via Skyline letterhead paper stuck in our door of a major snow ‘removal’ Wed Feb 16th! from 9:00AM till 5:00PM and to help out by parking elsewhere. Some inconvience (like when they re-paint the lines and numbers) but it’ll get rid of the mess, open things up, and reclaim at least a dozen parking spots. Sounds good to me. Wed called for +8C,,,,sun and cloud…then rain and more rain….ending with a LOT of snow on Thursday. Anyway, at/before 7:00AM Wed, there are oldsters running around in their SUV’s, nailing the closest spots to here out front on Park Road North….be they legal or not. About 8:00 I saw the front-end loader and its’ operator sitting/standing down front in the middle of the lot waiting on the dump truck(s) to load and get rid of the mountain range. Guess what? No dump truck(s), nor were any the next day! Imagine. It’s Monday 5:00am as I’m finishing this off…..more on that later….and altho no snow was removed, residents did get word that three or more people had fallen on Friday on the walkways and/or….as to the latter, the front-end loader driver who does the parking lot had STILL not figured how to scrape it down to ‘bare’…..where he could/would ‘go pile it on the mountain’ (sounds like a Xmas song!)….and ‘take it away in a dump truck’…not sounding like a Xmas song…but regardless, there’s no dump truck(s) anyway. Well, yours truly had best get onto the Skyline Grapevine, which, rather than grow red and green grapes that can be turned into Chablis or Beaujolais is more apt to produce truths, lies, alibis….believable, absolutely unbelievable, totally unachievable and sometymes just plain bulls–t. So….SO…..with these thoughts tumbling around Rotzy’s pumpkin, I’m shortly gonna see what info is available on the 3 or 4 ‘fall victims’ from last Thurs/Fri, one of whom (a woman in her early-mid 20’s) had a particularly nasty tumble. In which case, the said young woman may well be checking thru the BFTD Phone Directory, not for an Injury Clinic but more likely looking for ‘Whip-Lash’ Walter Smith: Attorney-At-Law. This could be good….I remember a lady who lived here at 555 Harris Place a year or three ago and told Rotzy and Miz. Jo she’d ‘grabbed just under $200G’s’ from her landlord for her slip/trip and fall resulting in a few broken ankle bones. Tell you what folks….let’s do a ‘stay tuned’ on this one.

Readers Write
          The email began “I had to respond “to your Rant with one of my own”. So he did….and how! Firstly, it was sent TO yours truly, not AT me, secondly we had agreed on the larger matter at hand. Much of which can and will be explained here. OK, I’m taking about Keith Hobbs and the topic of our ‘co-Rant’ was, of course The Ottawa Truck O’Rama…the nationwide No Mandate Protest. Well, I wanted his words to reach ears than Rotzy’s alone…..and as I never use people’s real words attached to their real names I simply decided to ask to be a “F/N”….Keith Prior is a Lifetyme Policeman eventually becoming Thunder Bay Chief of Police (ret) and then served two tull terms as Mayor of F/B. We first met at a Ring Of Fire Meeting for Mayors and Chiefs that I was covering for the Times-Star….became Rotzy and Hobbsy and that was 20 years ago. Anyway, I’ll do my best to to [point yo you HIS feeling towards how POORLY it all went down…..”Feel free to use my name Rotzy. I’m not ashamed of what I feel. This could have been a win-win situation and now our country is under a world-wide telescope, and not for good, as a former Teacher of Police Operational Planning I’m disgusted at the Police actions as well. Like a plan that would have peacefully moved truckers to big suitable area/space on Ottawa’s outskirts led by Ottawa’s Chief Of Police. (*wondering HOW did such a blatant coward become Bytown’s #1 Cop??!!) Anyway, there’s some of Keith’s concerns being brought forth…..*sorry my friend, but Rotzy’s shorthand in copying your email(s) wasn’t/isn’t up to speed…..but please know your frustrations are shared tenfold, *Rotzy,

*Thought Of The Day….Truck O’ Rama aside…..last Wednesday I thought the entire world (starting in Ukraine) was going to be blown to s–t in 5 or 6 hours. I was wrong. Good, eh?

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