Mar 14

Minutes from the OBC (Old Boys’ Club) Brantford Chapter (also known as the BGG or Brantford Guy Group) …and much more…. 

and a clean medical report to boot !!!

A lively and full to overflowing meeting (22 or 23) of The Brantford Guy Group last Fri at The Navy Club added four new members, who of course were also welcomed as Pres. For Life and methinks our Group now numbers near 50! The ‘new guys’ reactions are always funn to watch when they’re acknowledged by The Table, as they try to calculate how much their first ’round for the house’ is gonna set them back…, $50-$75 or more?….so they breathe easier immediately when asked/told to ‘buck up’ (with a ten-spot) into The Table-top Kitty…..a ‘system’ which has worked out well. Anyway….as it stands/sits Rotzy is the eldest (*see below) member (I’ll be 77 next month) and I’d break down/categorize the fifty B/G’s as such, keeping in mind I moved away from Btfd. in ’73, until 2018 when Miz. Jo and I pointed it south. A ‘handful’ of new-to-me guys whom I’ve never met…..a ‘handful’ whom I’d known well since forever, hence ‘instant recognition’ (both ways). The bulk (40-some) were/are Guys you perhaps knew as teammates and/or guys you remember competing against. Anyway, one of the things that doesn’t stop amazing yours truly over and over is the clear-as-a-bell recollections from 40/50/60 years ago! be it a ‘well-worn quote’, a joke, or an amazing play from a football game. The brain, especially the memory portion of it, is SUCH an amazing thing, is it not? Well, yes indeedy! Altho sometymes it’s not quite all we need/want it to be. You still with me? Like during the latter part of yesterday’s BGG meeting when the olde guy (*see above) was stranded high and dry by my own pumpkin. One new member/president was just announced to those gathered, doing ‘the hugs and handshakes rounds’ whilst Rotzy contemplates how many years since Jim (not his real name) and I had seen each other?…..and figured the mid 60’s. He (more than once) mentioned me ‘cutting him from the E/P Eskimos football team’ tho I couldn’t recall him playing f/ball at all, and nobody, but nobody, was cut from E/P Football….ever! *OK, OK. OK….after a quick ‘conference’ with another former E/P Coach who was sitting right opposite yours truly, I/we agreed there WAS one player ‘cut’….but he shall remain nameless. So back to ‘Jim’, I remember him from being in the the same class in Gr 9 C, 10DF or 10E. Anyway, ‘Jim’ made his exit after a short speech, and a toast to a few deceased BG’s. So….SO….I’m guessing that about ten minutes after he left I was somehow?….and don’t ask how!….made aware that Jim was/is Sid (not his real name either) and still IS the guy ‘I chopped from the Eskimos’. Altho I do recall him saying “Fuzz was to blame”. Sorry, that’s another story I’m sure….and more Fri. funn at BGG Meetings. Ahoy!

Who’s Gonna Be Next??
Spring has sprung, the grass has ‘ris….dont’cha wonder how long till the election is?? Actually, we’d better pluralize that because it seems (from this vantage spot) if you’re an Ontarian you’re gonna get two ‘kicks at the can, maybe three’….Municipal and Provincial, not to forget a vote for Fed PCs to choose their new leader. Well, won’t THAT be funn. Yes indeedy! You’ll please forgive my lack of handsprings and cartwheels, but if you check out the dashboard on our Edna The SUV, in plain view (passenger side) is Rotzy’s ‘blue and white wheel-chair’…which gives the bearer of said permit access to ‘preferred parking spots’…..and, if one reads the ‘really small print’, well, let’s just say it ‘opens some doors’, OK? Doors ‘into The Political Arena’. Well, Rotzy’s keeping my excitement at a ‘low ebb’…..but there’s always something/somebody ‘rattling a chain’ somewhere, oft tymes requiring me to do an ‘attention getter’….perhaps even a ‘little tap on the forehead with the ball peen hammer’. ‘Just a little one’ I said! Anyway, no date(s) offered up yet that Rotzy’s aware of….or even if it/they will be a ‘Go’. But The News is full of ‘if’s and but’s’…..Provincially, Doug Ford’s Cabinet is melting and others ‘close to him’ are leaving….’COVID’ed Out’ the usual reason given. The same sort of thing is happening to Junior Trudeau’s ‘team’ in Ottawa as the PC’s ‘dig down deep’ to find, you know, somebody to replace a the former Leader Of The The Pack, other than Erin O’Toole, who had replaced Andrew Scheer…..who ‘blew it’. The names coming out on newscasts are……well…..ho-lee s–t!…..ahh….maze….ing!! Patrick Brown who landed as Brampton Mayor after his last P/C bouncing from Queens Park (wasn’t he into ‘bum patting?)…..a ‘P de Q’ name…..then yesterday or the day before, I almost drove into the fence down front whilst parking Edna as Zoomer Radio News AM anchor Jane Brown tells us to add Jean Charest to the list of ‘potentials’. Hello? Hell, once The Savieur de Quebec, he’d be a good one if he remembered what colour sweater (blue or red) to wear when he lands at the Convention! Peter McKay is saying ‘no thanks’ thus far, and Rotzy thought ‘he’d be there with bells on.’ Then I was thinking (to myself), ”Hey Toad, what about Robert Stanfield?! Yeah, the ‘Underware King’! I met Bob in 1973 when I was coaching the Peterboro Panthers and snapping caps off ice-cold Octoberfest (*tm) Beer (in the ‘squatty’ bottles) at our annual Maytime Pantherfest fundraiser. Two of our executives (both BIG Lawyers and both BIG Conservatives) brought Mr. Stanfield behind the bar I was working at for intros, handshakes, small talk and vote flogging. I offered to ‘buy’ Robert a beer, but he still had yet to shake the hands of another 1500 ‘Pantherfesters’….most of whom by that point were already pretty well ‘Festered”. I bade him ‘good luck’….but it didn’t work….nor did my vote as The Underwear King lost to a guy named Trudeau….just like Joe Clark before him in ’68, tho I’d voted orange that tyme. That said, Stanfield looked ‘quite olde’ in 1973 so I think he’d best let others fight over the leadership this tyme. But….if someone nominates J. Diefenbaker, the scrutineers had better get on their collective toes.

Can U Imagine? *Whoa!! I have no “F/N” idea HOW/WHY I came up with that ‘U’ short form in the ‘bannerline’ above? Rotzy doesn’t do that s–t! It should have been ‘Can You Imagine’. Nor will you see me ‘signing off’ with some half-assed smiley face……like this (: ….or should it be like this? 🙂 Jeez… I’m all mucked up and forget what was/is gonna go in this space. Lovely!! Just “F/N” lovely! Hey! It’s Sun 1:10 PM at the moment….NO!….s–t! it’s 2:10 if I turn the clocks ahead, like I was supposed to….Rotzy here….’clocking out’ until tomorrow ayem. Early, OK? *Well, it’s Mon 10:10AM…which is NOT ‘early’ by RST (Rotzy Standard Time) measure, and what I was trying to say/write yesterday is that yours truly made it through the ENTIRE week (Sun. to Sun.) with ZERO ‘health’ appointments! No family doctor, no cardiologist, no podiatrist, no cardiovascular surgeon,,,,in fact no surgeon of any kind, no EMS, no respirologist, no gastrologist, (upper or lower), no proctologist…..and lastly, no ****ing dentist, my least favourite! S–t, Rotzy would rather have a L 4/5 Discectomy than suffer with having a wisdom tooth pulled! Hurrah, hurrah for me, eh? Just glanced at my calendar and this week looks like….well….maybe….TWO FREEBIE WEEKS in a row, you think? Stay tuned.

*Thought Of The Day…I thought we learned a lesson on dealing with a madman in 1939. We didn’t.

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