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State of the Union (Ukraine) analysis: and Rotzy’s spot on in his lament for Ukraine…abandoned, isolated, alone and being obliterated inch by inch ( In inches rather than in one fell swoop because of the bravery, courage, determination and fighting spirit of the Ukrainian people…”Slav Ukraini!”)

I Don’t Know Much About….
….Volodymyr Zelenesky, the President of Ukraine (*see below), but I’m learning….he was elected in 2019….now he and/or his country have become the opening topic on every news-cast for the best part of a month now! And, sadly for the most part, the reports cover the complete devastation of Ukraine as Vladimir Putin’s forces carry on with their daily missile attacks, bombing and destruction….which were/are totally unprovoked! Well, Rotzy’s not the only one who ‘(doesn’t) know much about Volodymyr Zelenesky’ (*see above)….especially from a military perspective, where the resistance shown by Zelenesky’s forces, whose numbers are nowhere near that of Putin’s (*see below), have the fingers of the major ‘observers’ of this war pointing at the Ukrainian President insofar as to the impressive leadership of the defending forces….not to mention the tenacity of the Ukrainian people, and really messing Putin’s initial plans up. Imagine. Also, the President is only 44….and his background/experience is NOT in politics or the military….he’s formerly an actor/dancer/comedian and experienced in TV as well! His approach to the invasion of his country by Putin’ s army….and, make no mistake about it, this is PUTIN’S Army it’s got Putin’s name all over it….has been/is amazing! Now Putin’s got problems! This thing shoulda been OVER by now….he and his generals (if he listens to them?) mucked up on their assessment of ‘the enemy’. Quite badly, in fact. And in spite of Russia’s huge advantage in numbers (*see above) the world’s most disliked Dicktator has seriously misjudged the courage and will of the Ukrainian People AND their leader/President, who is drawing comparisons lately to Sir Winston, even quoting one of Churchill’s most famous speeches last week as he (virtually) addressed the British Parliament in a real ‘from the heart’ address….and the next couple of days following suit with the Canadian and American Governments. …a SINCERE Thank You! for food, water, medicines, dollars, munitions, rifles….every bit of it needed badly. Then Zeleneski asked/pleaded with them to ‘do more’….like, now!….but ‘now’ he’s not talking about food and medicine. The thing is, ‘he just can’t come right out and say it’….because of ‘the way things are’, ‘the way things work’….even in directly/individually addressing three of the Ukraine’s greatest allies….in THEIR ‘houses’ Volodymyr was ‘bound and gagged’! Aha and alas, such was not/is not the case for the ‘Top Uke’s pals. Nosiree, Bub. The ‘Bad Hair Brit’ coulda sent enough foot soldiers, howitzers, etc to shut Putin’s advancings down; Joe B coulda got word to his (non nuclear) silos, and eliminated any/all places in Russia needing to be eliminated; and then Junior Trudeau coulda stepped forward from his seat in The House offering a much air power as Canada has to help out…F-18’s, Bombers….as well as many giant Hercules planes and helicopters as needed for rescue. Imagine. But we, the allies….with a ‘small ‘a’) didn’t say that….we ‘waffled/took the easy route’. Boris Bad Hair and Joe B gave a Ukrainian ‘pep talk’. And as for Trudeau? Well folks, if President Zeleneski, whilst waiting for our P/M to lay some good news on him and his country, decided to leaf thru a copy of ‘Canada At War’ to read up on Vimy Ridge and or D Day on Juneau Beach, it did diddly squat to prep him for being caught ‘right in the crosshairs’ of Trudeau’s ‘gushings’ on the President’s HEROICS!! And….GUSH he did!! J/T had ‘morphed’ into his ‘Golden Globe/the camera’s on me’ mode (yes, the camera caught him) and Rotzy felt as embarrassed FOR the President as heaps of praise showered him, as he appeared to be in being ‘heaped on’. Whatever. Rotzy was just doing my best to keep my breakfast down. I just wonder how much longer the ‘allies’ (with a small ‘a’) are going to make The President Zeleneski and Ukraine wait for what they really need? And which of the ‘allies’ (with a small ‘a’) might be first step up?

Readers Write
This one arrived at “F/N”HQ last mid-week and fell immediately into the ”Are You Kidding Me/Not In Your Wildest Dreams” tray….and it was clearly what one might call a follow-up on a certain item written in this space in an early-March edition….one that upset Rotzy, not to mention a bunch of other readers. The piece about a car spotted near here on the Zehr’s parking lot with a large ‘F—Trudeau’ flag on the back . I’d said “I don’t like him OR the flag. So we heard from a reader who (apparently) had seen a pic of an olde, beat-up, red Lada in Moscow….sporting a ‘F— Putin’ flag. Not likely!!!

Mountain Range Update
Well, the 12-15 ft high ‘Lawren Harris mountain range’ that’s been here at Skyline Living since the Storm of the Decade….yes, the ones who did NOT get ‘removed’ because the dump truck(s) did NOT show up here are now looking NOT unlike 3 or 4 glaciers…..dirty ones at that…and seeming to be in the ‘retreat mode’. This could change….hamper or speed up….Rotzy’s bet for their total/complete disappearance.was on or near May 2. But helped along with 20+C temps last week…..that could be late. There’s gonna be some major ‘deposits’ left behind, perhaps even ‘eskers’… we had not far from Nakina. Stay tuned.

R.O.F. (The Ring Of Fire)….
….is back in the news and I heard part of a show on CBC Radio last Sunday … well ‘Yippidedo’! 20 years ago it was touted as the largest (non-precious metals) mining project ever in Ontario! Bigger than Sudbury!! It appears that NorOnt has some $ backing this tyme round and it’s virtually (*scratch that word) impossible to ****-up worse than Cliffs Inc (and EVERYBODY ELSE) did 20 years ago. OK, OK, OK. I know, I know. Here we go again. Hey!, don’t get your shorts in a knot…………..this tyme it’s The H.B.L.Peatlands making noises THIS tyme!

*Thought Of The Day….I walk around like everything’s fine, but deep down in my shoe, my sock is falling off. (anonymous)

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