Sir John James Taylor – De Facto Ruler of Ireland, Richard R. Pyves

Sir John James Taylor De Facto Ruler of Ireland
by Richard R. Pyves

Chronicles the incredible story of the author’s great-grand-uncle, Sir John James Taylor, Assistant Under-Secretary of Ireland who was the de facto ruler of Ireland from 1918 – 1920.

It is the story of a commoner, born in Umballa, India who joins the British Civil Service in 1879 and rises through the civil service ranks while in Ireland to a position of influence during the Anglo-Irish War of Independence.

Sir John James Taylor’s younger sister Mary married into the Hynes family in 1880 and had five sons who all served in the Royal Irish Constabulary (R.I.C.)

The Irish Easter Rebellion, Anglo-Irish War of Independence and Irish Civil War are experienced through the exploits of the Taylor and Hynes families who lived through those troubled times.   [ Includes 55 photos, 17 letters and 4 maps. ]

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Richard says…

Rick Pyves is a master of writing historical novels. Midnight Madness may have been his masterpiece. A book about a father, a WWII veteran, a husband with a story of courage, bravery and love. It was unreservedly the finest book of this kind I have read.

His new book is about a relative whose saga will undoubtedly entertain and engage you in an era and an area of history that is the near past but forgotten. Pyves brings it back to life in a way that will have you enjoying history as it can be enjoyed: colourfully written with enjoyable style and engaging detail. Pyves is fast becoming an author of note among Canadian writers.


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