Apr 11 – Moonlighting as a Real Estate agent…hmmmm!

Fallin’ and hittin’ the noggin’ hasn’t affected Rotzy’s crankiness!  Go for it Rotzy….may be considering moonlighting as a real estate agent given the house prices today.

New Budget To Help Housing?
I dunno….don’t really care….just want to share a thought or three about real estate…..like the prices in Brant’s Ford….like how can a 2 b/r brick cottage, in particularly #33 Foster St. down in Eagle Place, that sold for $12,500 in the mid 1960’s be getting offers near/at $500,000….yes! ….”Half a Million” today! Goodness me!! Clare (my Dad) must be tossing about in his grave over in Mt Hope at such ridiculous numbers! And maybe griping about something like ‘poor timing’ (*see below) on his part. Guess I’ll stop by the cemetery today if/when the rain lets up, take some flowers for him and Mom….s–t, it’s too early for my annual pot ‘o petunias, etc….and try to explain to him it’s all about ‘timing, as far as owning and selling your house….adding that I have zero idea why prices across Canada have climbed SO ridiculously “F/N” high! By the bye, I obtained these potential ‘asking’ prices from a couple fellow members/presidents in the Brantford Guy Group (BGG) at a recent meeting….guys who actually knew/know the house/property from the mid-1960’s and are ‘with it’ as to current real estate prices in/around Brant’s Ford. Anyway, as to ‘timing’ (*see above), lets face it Dad….if you were still alive and still owned #33, you’d be 116 years old! As it is/was, when you left us in 1991 you were in your 86th year….not bad, having ‘outlived’ 11 brothers and sisters….and when it came tyme, #33 went for about $90 G’s, a nice jump from your price about 30 years prior. So, forget today’s listing prices….you done good…..and relax. The people yours truly feels for these days are the ‘first tyme home buyers’ who SOMEHOW gotta come up with a down payment on a ‘half million dollar house’, that, in truth, is a ‘nice, little red brick cottage’ (which appears to have been well maintained). So….SO…. good luck you ‘newbies’. Also, Junior Trudeau’s dog’s breakfast budget from earlier this week threw/will throw a LOT of money at Canada’s ‘affordable housing crisis’ and they say it’ll benefit ‘first-tymers’! Well, don’t bet the mortgage on it. S–t! I forgot….you won’t have a mortgage, will you?!

Still With Real Estate
I’m not sure, what with Rotzy’s new-found interest in real estate….in particular the absolutely crazy prices they talk about that roll off their tongues like there’s no tomorrow and smooth as silk in audio ads, as well as pictures on film and TV. A ‘wall of advertising’ coming at us from every direction, and dozens of different methods. The printed word caught Rotzy’s attention….basically in newspapers, but there are numerous printed pamphlets all over the ‘mail room’ here at Skyline Living as well. As to the papers, they all have thick Real Estate Sections. I grab the Expos (the Brantford Expositor) every Thursday here at 555 Harris Place since Thurs is Free/Gratis Day….Rotzy looks for the Obit Pages,,,,then I check them out, fold the page inside/out for Miz. Jo’s crossword and puzzles on the other side. Anyway, a few months back, I went looking thru the Real Estate Section for an olde friend who I learned was/is selling real estate….methinks he was/is with Royal Lepage….or Century 21…..or one of the Biggies. Whoa!! I had no “F/N” idea there were/are SO many people who had ‘gotten into Real Estate’…..in this case I suppose they’re in and around Brant County and altho I was unable to spot the guy I was looking for, I’m betting I came across at least a dozen or more whom I either know or knew from way back when. There must be thousands of them and I’m wondering if, as a ‘collective group’, real estate is Brantford’s biggest employer….by a long shot!…..so I can only guess just how competitive it gets and how much does THAT factor into #33 Foster going for $500 G. Then I said (to myself) “Hey Toad…of those hundreds and thousands of agents pictured, how many of them are the ‘main bread winner’ in their house? Do they make big bucks? How many ‘part-tymers’? And a couple/few of your olde pals ‘nearing/over 80’ still at it? Is it like a ‘hobby’ to them? I mean, they’ve been working for 60 years, can they not find a better ‘hobby’? Hey…whatever. So, there we are Toad….methinks it safe to say the number of sales people aren’t to blame for the crazy prices, and if there were only half of the current sales force, some rep would be shooting at $500 G’s for our olde adobe on Foster St. Well, here’s another post-budget ‘gem’ from Team Trudeau to help the housing mess…..they want to limit/eliminate foreign ownership….especially in large ‘housing developments’! Because everybody knows if there’s a ‘new 75-upscale home subdivision’ going up in, shall we say, in Peterboro, ON by a firm from, shall we say, Beijing, the ads/billboards read “Starting At $1.2 Million!” Well sir/m’am, everybody knows in the SAME situation, everything identical to the Beijing plan, BUT the developers were a firm from, shall we say, Vaughn, ON….the ads/billboards would be reading “Starting At $799,000!” Hello?

A Quick Update….
….on the actual number of real estate sales persons in County Brant was just obtained here at “F/N” HQ via some special seldom applied for Poll…..or is that Pole?….but they have it at 5,283….not broken into male/female and/or full-tyme/part-tyme…..it reflects the number of ‘active licenses’. Actually, I did/do have one more item that’s real estate related **I realize a bunch of you may be wondering if Rotzy’s recent fall-down-go-boom here in the unit scrambled my pumpkin a tad….seeing as I’m on and on about houses and housing….but alas, the pumpkin’s doing good, thanks. *You see, all this is is yours truly taking a week off from writing ONE “F/N” word about anything/everything CORONA…(*other than to advise that Miz. Jo and Rotzy are ‘booked’ for #4 in a week or so) *I’m also ‘deleting’ that f***ing Russian pig Vladimir Puke-in. If only in my own mind. OK? This last bit struck/strikes me as funny….yes, it’s about real estate….a commercial I heard on 900 CHML for one of the station’s main advertisers ‘Michael St Jean Reality’ (*not a typo)….and that’s what one of their happy house selling customers calls it in the ad./…RE-AL-I-TY! This is one happy fellow, he’s got a really heavy accent, almost sounding musical and I could/can almost hear him smiling, whilst extolling all the good things about dealing with Hamilton-based St Jean as opposed to going with a Toronto outfit! So the guy’s happy as a pig in poop as Michael got him $50,000 more than the asking price!….and as St Jean’s saying goes ”We’ll sell it for you, or we’ll buy it!’ Seems there are a few of ’em using that line, you think? I wonder if our guy also bought a place from St. Jean?….at $50 G less than asking!? Anyway, if YOU are in the market….good luck! And have a fine day!

*Thought Of The Day…I find that these days most of my conversations start with….”Did I tell you this before”? or ”What was I going to say”?

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