DARK HARBOR, David Hosp…

Too soon to proclaim David Hosp as the successor to “Stuart Woods” as the king of mystery murder thriller writers. However, Hosp most definitely is a strong contender for such a proclamation based on his debut novel.

Dark Harbor showcases a superb new talent. Following in the footsteps of bestselling writers David Baldacci, John Grisham, and Scott Turow, David Hosp is an attorney living in the city where his book is set, and he imbues his story with unique authenticity. – Like heralded bestsellers by Dennis Lehane, Dark Harbor shows Boston’s many aspects, from the gilded salons of the Bay State’s power brokers to the dark nesting places of its career criminals. – Foreign rights for Dark Harbor have been sold in England, Germany, and Japan.

Richard says
David Hosp is a lawyer who has an itchy writing finger. Thank goodness he yielded to the itch as his debut novel is excellent. Suspenseful, great plot, terrific story development. Hosp has written an excellent first book.

The writing is polished, gripping and very entertaining. Readers who like mystery murder thrillers will likely agree that for a first-time novel, Hosp has done an outstanding job. The story grabs one from the start and is so engaging that almost every reader will be hard-pressed to pause their reading.

Great first novel….we wish him much success in his writing and look forward to his next book.

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