The provincial leaders for the Premiership of Ontario

The Toronto Star Insight section, Sat, May 7 edition, has an excellent primer introducing voters to the three provincial leaders campaigning for the Premiership of Ontario.

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LIBERAL Steven Del Duca
by Tonia MacCharles
A well-written, comprehensive piece considering nobody really knows Del Duca. He sounds like a great family man but his tainted by his association with the previous Liberal government of Kathleen Wynne.

by Stephanie Levitz
A good article but it misses some chinks in the Ford armour (Fullerton and Phillips). The article does point out the areas of controversy in his record. However, there is little about his bullying tactics, aggressive persona and contrary mode of governing. [A personal comment: ‘He is buying votes like crazy. License rebates, toll fee termination, highway building that profits his party supporters from business]

NDP Andrea Howarth
by Alex Ballingall
The emphasis about the “Steeltown Scrapper” is that she is rusted by time and likely in her last shot at the golden ring of Queen’s Park. The article paints an honest picture of Howarth as a politician who personally cares about what she professes politically. [A personal comment: Based on her years at Queen’s Park, political longevity and her party’s policies, Howarth deserves serious consideration. Her pharmacare promise alone is worth the price of admission. Unfortunately, Del Duca and Howarth will split votes so that neither has enough and Ford will be returned…4 more years of vacillation, lying, misinformation, confusion and nebulous governing.]

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