May 16 – Mingling and sippin’ with Olympic greats

Rotzy’s mingling and sippin’ with Olympic great, Debbie Miller

It’s Tyme….Almost
Mary, Mary, quite contrary/ Tell me how does your garden grow?/ You got Silver Bells, you got Cockleshells/ Pretty Maids all in a row. *Lyrics from ‘Walkin’ The Dog’….Written in 1963 by Rufus Thomas, ‘The Funkiest Chicken’ on Beale Street, Memphis, Tennessee….which just may get your feet moving to one of the best R&B songs ever written and/or get y’all to thinking about planting your OWN garden, as is the case with Rotzy, tho I’m concentrating more on beets, onions, radishes, carrots and cetera, leaving the ‘Silver Bells and ‘Cockleshells up to Rufus. To update the “F/N” readership, I’m waiting to be ‘assigned’ a new/different plot (closer to the hose/watering can/parking lot) than my debut year (2021) at Hope (Christian Reformed) Gardens just across the WGP (Wayne Gretzky Parkway). As to the first Rotz Plot, it’s year four in Skyline Living’s ‘Commune Gdn’ down front of #575….some of my fellow gardeners there have moved away/opted out, or opted in to one of a dozen 3-ft high ‘raised gdn boxes’, hence, the Rotzy Plot ‘doubled in size’! Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, it will all be planted….both of the plots….by the 24th. Yesterday Miz. Jo and yours truly planted tomatoes (4”-5” plants already started) in 10” and 12” pots out on our deck/verandah/balcony….2 pots of Super Sweet (like Tiny Tims) and 3 pots of Better Boy (an ‘heirloom’ type I hadn’t seen in 2 decades or more! BETTER BOY???!!! Ho-LEE cow!! I almost made a mistake in my Old Navy*tm shorts when the saleslady quipped “I’ve never seen anybody get THAT excited about a tomato”! I answered ”Excited? Wait ’til they hatch”!! Also….Jo Ann already has some herbs she ‘started inside’ in her ‘aqua grower’. So….so far, so good!

What’s Next In the Gardening World?
Or could/should I say ”outta the world”? after hearing Zoomer 740 News at 5:30 this ayem. The item referred to growing stuff like veggies in outer space, like on the Moon….or more correctly (at least for the tyme being) growing vegetables in an earthbound Lab in ‘soil’ retrieved from the Moon on an earlier mission. This process is currently in practice, which means scientist-farmers are already ‘practicing’ and excited about finding mercury in the ‘soil’, as in ‘fertilizer included’. However, as of now they’re not thinking about peas, carrots and corn…..concentrating instead on getting something as a simple clump of weeds and/or grass to ‘take hold’ in a trayfull of moon dust. No…No….NO! Not the kind of weed they’ll sell you at Seventh Heaven Stone. Can you see future astronauts enroute to the International Space Station stopping at the Moon to do an early spring planting of radishes, 2 varieties of onions, some peppers and spinach…..then off to the IPS where they work their 3 month gig, then point it home, with a 2-hour ‘Harvest Stop’ at/on the Moon, open up their folding Horn-a-plenty and it’s full in no tyme. You think? Hey, don’t ask me….Rotzy, when he was 7 or 8 years olde, never liked/thought about/believed in Buck Rogers, and if Buck was featured in the Sat Afternoon Matinee at the Odeon or Paramount, I’d be at The College to see The Three Stooges and Francis The Talking Mule. None of that ‘outer space s–t’ for me. Heck, I was still a ‘non-believer’ when ‘Close Encounters’ hit the screen. OK, OK, OK,,,,Richard Dreyfuss was/is real, but that other ‘overhead thing’? Not so much so. Now, E.T. was OK, altho I WAS over 40 by then….AND….E.T WAS a cartoon. WASN’T he? But I digress…..back to gardening….the way we’re gobbling up excellent farm land (i.e. the proposed Hwy #413) Moon Gardens doesn’t sound like such a bad idea, huh? Then Venus Veggies, and lastly, Pluto Plots ‘n Plants. Hey, Rotzy will believe it when I see it….for now we’ll stick with The Commune and Hope Gdns.

B.G.G. Stuff
A fine group/turnout for last Friday’s Brantford Guy Group meeting, outdoors at the Knights Of Columbus, our new ‘summer home’….having been relegated to the Dart & Pool Room the week prior by cool weather, but we handled it just fine….a turnout of 23 or more….in fact we even managed to ‘allow’ a woman into ‘our’ room, with the meeting in progress,,,,,a FIRST to be sure…. and she was/is definitely a LADY.

Debbie Miller, ’68 Olympic  hopeful….charmer she is today

….thus, Debbie Miller became ”The First Lady of the Brantford Guy Group”! Posing for a wide-angle group photo, and hugging all 23 of us. For the unaware, Debbie Miller was ”Brantford’s Darling” as a world class (ranked 8th) 100/200/Relay Sprinter, and represented Canada in the 1968 Olympics!! I daresay Ms.Miller was impressed with the BGG, and how (most of us) actually can speak in sentences of more then 5 or 6 words, also how (most of us) can complete more than one sentence in a row without needing two or three F-shots ‘to make a point’……which, readers may recall, is all about MENSA and Densa, and methinks one of our High Council briefly ‘explained’ this to Ms. Miller before she even sat down with The Group. Well, last Friday the BGG welcomed another THREE Presidents. One, I didn’t know at all….two, I thought I knew his brother well, but it wasn’t/isn’t his brother at all….three, I’ve known him for many years, and his last job (before retiring) required him to wear black robes….hence one never knows when one might need to ‘make use of black robes’….or someone wearing one, right?

Shades Of 1967
It’s Sat 14th 11:07AM…..Rotzy is NOT a die-hard Tronna hockey fan, but I’m gonna have some funn and make a prediction for the Maple Leafs/Lightning game seven….IN T.O… ya go….LEAFS 4/ LIGHTNING 2….no O.T….and Leafs 4th goal is an MT-Netter Nylander. Reason for the Leaf win is that they are out from under the Ghost Of Harold Ballard….they all did a big cough aimed at Maple Leaf Gardens….a ‘far cough’. Now, yours truly didn’t say diddly about Stanley,,,,but we’ll see. *f/fwd to Sunday 6:00AM*….or not.

*Thought Of The Day…I would let Alberta build a Pipeline right through my kitchen if it meant I could afford gas again!

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