June 13 – Healthy, healthier and healthiest……yay summertime !!!

Healthy, healthier and healthiest

The Rotzy and Miz Jo gardens are in fine form. Miz Jo is in fine form and ole Rotzy himself is in finest form.

Summer’s near and everything is unfolding(?) as it should according to Rotz!

Excuse My Math
Yours truly wrote a “F/N” piece a couple weeks back about the Ontario Election….a somewhat ‘lame’ explanation as to why yours truly was amongst the non-voters, altho I doubt that it ‘explained’ anything. Virtually….no, I mean ‘real/live’….EVERY report Rotzy saw/heard/read on the results spoke of the 43% turnout of voters at the polls, however, Rotzy intentionally wanted to place myself amongst the NON-voters because of the HIGHER percentage/number, which I reported as 53%. Well, Miss Robinson (my Grade 2 Teacher at Major Ballachey PS) taught me adding and subtracting, like take 43% from 100% you have 57%. That upset me. because Rotzy CAN do math, like 1+1=2….but he CAN’T/NEVER COULD do algebra, like a+b-xyz+piercubedandsquare=s–t. Just like it did in Gr 9 at PJCVS. No matter….the bottom line is that 57% of Ontario DIDN’T vote! And I heard it said last week that HALF of THEM didn’t/don’t care. And that does not bode well for the future. ‘Gotta get rid of Doug Ford” was probably the biggest ‘issue’ pre-election, and what happened? Nothing! if you’re talking about Ford supporters…the 43% gave him an even BIGGER majority!! Which has NOTHING at all to do with the 57%. Or does it? (note*….”here’s an apology to you Miss Robinson from Bobby Rotz, Row 2 Seat 3 (or 4?) Class of 1952”)

Growing Stuff (*see below)
A quick update from Olde McRotzy….the wait is over for my seeds (that went in almost 2 weeks ago) to emerge from our plot here at the Skyline Commune Gdn as everything is starting to show and grow….(a Twennie-style Yippeeeeeee! for “F/N”s #2 P/R) A couple good rains, now we need le soleil! At the Hope C/R Garden I had to ‘replant’ one cucumber hill and a dozen and a half Spanish Onion bulbs….two or three ”had rotted” and the rest vanished….or were eaten by Bugs Bunny, Rocky Racoon, Rocky The Flying Squirrell (no relation) and/or their friends, seeing as we’re right beside an extensive ‘green space’ which I’m sure is home to lots of vegan-style critters. I also put my ‘Approved by Mark Cullen’ Super Deluxe Multi- Task Garden Tool to work and we’re pretty much weed-free….for the tyme being. By the bye, with ‘Mark Cullen’ clutched firmly in my hands I feel perfectly safe should a larger ‘critter’ such as While E. Coyote come up outta the gulch and hassle/frighten gardners, Rotzy’s gonna carve While E’s initials in While E’s own forehead in three seconds flat. If that doesn’t get his attention, I’ll lop off both ears. Safe and enjoyable gardening. So….SO….let it grow, let it grow, let it grow. And….GROW it will! After I gave my plot a spray with the hose yesterday, another olde guy came up to me and almost ‘proclaimed’ that because ”the hose and tap are on Hope C/R Church property we’re watering our tomatoes, cukes and cetera with Holy Water!! I’ll check today’s results….stay tuned. By the bye, Miz Jo’s verandah/porch/balcony garden also gets a thumbs up with dozens of yellow blooms on the tomato plants; the bushel of strawberry plants is happy and she pointed out some nice size berries that are getting dangerously close to ripe, I’m sure the first/biggest one is two pounds. I’ll tell ya (maybe you wanna keep this under your hat) that Rotzy is so happy/thankful to be ‘growing stuff’ (*see above) in 2022, after clearing a couple ‘medical hurdles’ along the way it makes it even more enjoyable.

It’s Against The Law….
….was a segment on my favourite Canadian talk radio show ”The Shift”….last mid-week. I usually listen between 3:30 and 5:30am….Shane Elliott from his Calgary home studio, Ryan in downtown Calgary and Glen in Vancouver….and we pick up the signal in Brant’s Ford via 900 AM CHML. They have a great variety of topics, discussion, like during the ”Are You OK With”? segments and guest interviews. Well this ayem Shane had this funny/crazy as hell ”Against The Law” item for reading, then comments. And it sure was. Funny/crazy as hell. Of course some of these laws are long gone from the books, but still one wonders WHY they were put in place and by WHOM? Yours truly didn’t have the presence of mind to take notes, hence I’ll have to lean on my less than cracker-jack short term memory. Shane opened with this one….*In Texas you can own ”as many guns as you want. OK? NO LIMIT! But you can only own SIX ‘sexual tools’ Not 9 or 10. Six. So if, for some reason, the Dildo Police raid your premises and there happen to be 8 ‘sexual tools in your sox and underwear drawer, you’re getting cuffed! *In Oshawa, it’s illegal to climb trees. (I didn’t know that) *In Ontario if/when you’re driving your car at night, the limit is 10 mph and you MUST be accompanied by someone on foot in front of you with a kerosene lantern lighting your way. That one is surely long gone. *In Sherbrooke, PQ you may NOT build a snowman taller than 30 inches. (Pourquois pas?) *Another one….in Michigan….for drivers in the VERY early days of the automobile. When you come to a STOP sign at a 4-way intersection, of course you must fully STOP, get out of your car and fire a gun in the air BEFORE proceeding through the intersection! Apparently this law was fairly short lived as it was scaring the s–t out of the wagon/buggy-pulling horses across the intersection!! *In Montreal it’s unlawful to put more than 3 1/2 inches of water in the tub. (say what?) Hey!!!! it’s the law….and as I had said earlier…..WHY and by WHOM? Obviously by ‘politicians’….as to ‘why’, your guess is as good as mine.

* Thought Of The Day…Common sense is a flower that doesn’t grow in everyone’s garden.

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