This politician may just be the channelling of the USA’s ‘The Donald.’ He is extreme in his goals. He supports questionable causes. He promises outlandish schemes. If you ever got into a debate with him, he would likely beat you to a pulp because he is so experienced at debate and public discussion.

His exaggeration and disinformation include tenuous views about COVID.  Left-wing extremists claim climate change is a conspiracy and Poilievre parrots the claim from the front of the line. As the American gun chaos grows and spills into Canada, he vehemently opposes restrictions on assault guns. This politician has never held a regular job in society but makes claims as if he is a working man in it. 

We cannot control how the Conservative Party of Canada will decide who its next leader will be but if they choose Poilievre, then Canada and our free society will be in grave danger of travelling down the American political road of diminishing democracy and potential national insurrections.

Two reputable Toronto Star columnists raise red flags about PIERRE POILIEVRE:

TorStar Robin Sear for a concise support of the above opinion:  SEARS

TorStar Supriya Dwivedi also cautions POILIEVRE. Click –>  DWIVEDI

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