June 21 – Battle, Brazeau and Bingo

The memory ebbs and flows…Rotzy remembers more than 10 years ago, but not the nearer decade.

“From Nakina” Gardens/Oldsters and The ”D” Word
I knew full well that it was gonna pour down rain last Thurs aft….not just because of what Zoomer 740-AM News had said, also because I had given our plot at Hope CR Church Garden a real soaking at high noon. Didn’t take long, and as I was waiting for Miz. Jo to have her hair cut at First Choice*tm, down it came! In buckets….for about ten minutes. Driving home on Power Line Rd, the entire sky looking ‘hit and miss’ and I was hoping for a good soaking at Skyline Commune Garden. Bingo. Puddles all over the parking lot as we pulled in….meaning Rotzy’s gonna be on the end of the hoe after my buckboard run. Plenty of tyme to shower, put the feet up for a bit and get ready for Fri Nite Pizza in the Algonquin Room….sounds much better than the Common Room, you think? And other than the recently re-started weekly Bingo (*see below), it’s seen precious little use for a couple ‘covided’ years. The thing that sticks in my mind is that when we go to the Algonquin Room, we have to be ‘discreet’….know what I mean? Hey….I can ‘do discreet’….and Rotzy’s gonna start putting on my best ‘discreet’ face around 3:00….wondering if just maybe ‘Guitar Bill’ (not his real name) MIGHT bring his accoustic out after Dessert? THAT is when oldsters must REALLY concentrate on ‘discreetness’….jeez, even a tiny slip….and you know what happens. To oldsters. We have too much funn! Not a good thing!! Anyway, I’ll pick up on this tomorrow (Sat) ayem and let y’all know how things went. *Sat 7:00AM Update* Well, as they say ”all’s well that ends well”….started off fine and finished up the same way. And dont’cha know, Rotzy didn’t even notice ‘discreetness’ at all….other than a hint of my own. The pizza was great….three varieties, and we brought home a doggie-bag for lunch today. Passed a dandy dessert spread as Bill and I slipped out to the patio to ‘try out a couple songs’….and for Rotzy to have a ‘puff’…..then back in to find half a dozen singers. So we did. Sing. For about an hour I guess….capped off a fine evening!

A French Delegate….
….who was touring The Ukraine last week as part of a support group from the European Union had some harsh words regarding Germany and what the Germans decided Ukraine needed/needs in terms of military supplies. And he chided Germany (‘chided’?) by publicly asking/stating ”What is Germany going to do, give Ukraine more army helmets”?! I am guessing that the Germans have already previously done it….sent helmets…..and France is basically asking ”IS THAT ALL”??!! And you must know Pres.Volodomir Zeneski is asking the same question….his non-stop pleading with friendly nations to supply Ukraine with firepower equal to Putin’s Russians. Or even better than. But ‘helmets’?? Well, I suppose they’d be welcomed….if you didn’t have any….but still. Well, it says here….and the French delegate’s thinking the same thing….Germany wants to see themselves as a Ukrainian ally, hence ”Here’s 50,000 helmets”….BUT….Germany gets virtually ALL of their oil from Russia….so….SO…..if Germany sent Ukraine ‘heavy weaponry’ that would ‘level the battlefield’ vs Putin? Anyway, if you’re one of those who think ‘Germany’s not presently doing enough’ for Ukraine, well what about CANADA??!! Specifically Justin doesn’t do much but ‘sanctions’ vs the Ruskies….as if Canada is gonna ‘sanction Russia to death’….into a TOTAL financial countrywide disaster….’sanctioned to death’ by J/T as it were. Or weren’t. Because he can’t! Military…too small. Equipment and weaponry….BADLY outdated….short on supply. Justin didn’t create the problem….the National Defence Budget is almost laughable and he inherited it…but he’s done NOTHING to improve things. Anyway, ‘guten lucken’ to Germany when the day comes and they have to decide! (*how did Germany ever get into the position of relying on Russia for oil? Or anything for that matter? Short memory? Just wondering…

Rotzy’s Also ‘Just Wondering’….
….what’s going on with Putin’s War vs Ukraine?? Or, more accurately, ‘the media’s reporting’ of the war….radio, TV or whatever. These days it seldom gets the ‘leading’ story….slipping to Item #3, #4….details are fewer….and ‘the sense of urgency’ in the news reader’s voice that had prevailed since the start of the war is missing. Meanwhile, the atrocities being committed are simply horrible….especially with civilians in Ukraine….and Putin will eventually prevail as Ukraine falls under Russian/Communist Rule. (*picture this) At a hastily-called UN-type meeting with Putin in attendance Trudeau says “Canada strongly condemns this action by Russia and will NOT recognize the annexation of Ukraine”! And then WARNS Putin that ”Canada will double the sanctions vs Russia which are already in place”! At this point Putin says something (in Russian?) that sounded like a ”coff”….or a ”far coff”….then he decked Justin with a ‘straight right’, leaving our P/M concussed on the floor, his nose spread all over his face….and his hair a frightful mess. Actually, yours truly was terribly disappointed in our Leader’s sorry-ass display of ‘self-defence’….having seen him in a 3 or 4 Round (For Charity) Boxing Match against a ‘real renegade’ (former) Senator…..a former “F/N” DOTW (Dink Of The Week) his name will come to me, [former Senator Patrick Brazeau in 2012] but I recall he owned/ran a ‘high-end’ Ottawa Strip Joint featuring a bevy of Lap Dancers, Pole Dancers, Contortionists and Lulu The Chimpanzee….with ‘Tuffy’ down by 2.5 points at the end of two rounds to his bigger/heavier opponent, then methinks the sight of his own blood got T/T fired up….I mean REALLY fired up!!….the bell rang for Round 3 and Tuffy knocked the snot outta the DOTW ‘Senator’….might have killed him (no loss there) if not for the referee calling it a TKO!. You see ‘the senator’ was not nice to his ladies….to any ladies….and he had the court appearances to prove it. So….SO….Trudeau was ”fighting for women’s rights”!! Women everywhere!! Even women apes! What a guy, huh? Well, what the hell went wrong when he ran intro Vladimir Putin??!!

Bingo….(*see above) And Other Games Olde People Play
A neighbour asked me a couple weeks back “are you going to Bingo Tues nite”? When I replied “not likely” (or something like that)….rather than a flat ”no”, which is the correct answer….he looked at me like I had s–t on the end of my nose. He gives me ‘the look” and a shoulder shrug….meaning ”WHY NOT? Is there something wrong with you”? I replied ”because it’s too hard on my nerves”. Now a double shoulder shrug silently asking me ”WTF”?? OK.OK.OK. Listen….me and Miz. Jo moved here from Nakina four years ago. It’s way up north, and the children….before they learn how to walk, fish (on water or ice), hunt moose, hunt bear, curl, and how to drink beer, they know BINGO inside and out! Not Rotzy…I’m sure I’d only played once prior….here in Brant’s Ford at The Carnival at Agricultural Park. Methinks I was 7 or 8 and it cost us .05 cents a game/card. We used corn kernels as ‘markers’ and we could win ;PRIZES GALORE….including a Panda Bear which was about the same size as our ice box….well, li’l Rotzy HAD to have that bear!!! I had .50 cents to spend….total….and after about ten minutes HALF of it was gone….and NO PANDA!! So, 50 years later there we were in the Nakina Legion Fri aft. Bingo, which I swore off after The Panda Incident, starts at 6:00PM….and I buy two cards and you could win anything: Miz Jo got an ice fishing kit; we’d get stuff they’d grab at The Northern Store like a small Burns Ham; 1 and 2lb packs of bacon, and cetera….we’d play a couple or three games….but then one week we stayed to the end!….for Game 11…The Bonus Game!….with a $100 POT!! Can you even imagine?! NO….Rotzy didn’t win….nor did Jo Ann….but I ALMOST did….TWICE…and I ALMOST made a mistake in my BVD’s too! Hence, yours truly retired from Bingo….under the “B” for Bye-Bye.

*Thought of The Day…To those of you in your twenties who think life sucks….Life hasn’t even begun to screw you up yet. Buckle up Buttercup.

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