July 4 – Canada Day, time to celebrate

Rotzy was celebratin’ Canada Day and wishing everyone a Happy Canada Day too.

Canada Day….July One in Bytown
*Friday ayem*….Rotzy’s got a bad ‘gut feeling’ as to the celebration taking place in Ottawa today (*see below) running smoothly/as planned by gov’t and civic officials….with the memory of the ‘last one’….the ‘big-rig-honk-a-thon/don’t-mandate-me occupation’ if you will’….still fresh on people’s minds. This go ’round it’s the Bikers turn. The BIG difference this tyme is that the Ottawa Police Chief….’interim’ as he still may still be called….unlike his predecessor….has balls! Hey….I hope yours truly is wrong and the bikers/protesters don’t cause a big mess-up like the truckers did! Rotzy’s gonna check the Noon/3:00PM/6:00PM News and get back to y’all on this Sat ayem, OK? Stay tuned.

Picture This !
This item should have come from Crusty Olde Rusty (not his real name) a Greenstone area ‘fixture’ who is known, among other things, for his ‘dislike’ of electric vehicles….but I’m not sure that it did OR if Rotzy saw/read it and sent it TO him? No matter….SO….picture this! 1/ A gas-powered CAA Road Assistance Van….pulling a diesel-powered Generator….plugged into an electric-powered Car! (Tesla?) which had run outta volts/amps or both. Not bad, eh? AND….2/ You’re being told to ”back off on your air conditioning (A/C) unit on hot days” to avoid overwhelming the existing electric grid….at the same tyme you’re being told to trade in your gas powered cars for electric vehicles. (like a Tesla?) Hey Rusty…..you like this one? I just bet you do!! Tell you what folks, no “F/N” ‘pissing contest’ for Rotzy this week over Global Warming/Climate Change with the likes of Messr’s Gore and Suzuki….it says here….yes, right here!….this ‘Switch To Electric’, and the direction that ‘those in the know’ (like Al and David) and ‘those who have the say’, along with the speed/tyme frame in which they claim they/we MUST do this, will surely become the biggest MISTAKE/WHITE ELEPHANT in the history of TRANSPORTATION. Or in HISTORY….PERIOD. Of course it’s much more complicated than just cars and trucks. Junior Trudeau….who sees himself and Canada among the World “Go Electric” Leaders ….before too long is gonna wonder WTF is going on here??!! as J/T finds himself up to his ass in alligators when he forgot his initial objective was to drain the swamp!

More Canada Day Stuff
As to yours truly’s thoughts/comments/predictions of gloom and doom during celebrations for Canada’s 155th in our nation’s Capital (*see above), forget it! Forget them! Lunch is on me! Crow. Sorry. *It’s Sat 10:00 Ayem as I write this item after checking out CBC Radio One….twice. The World Report at 6:00 Ayem and CBC (Toronto) News at 6:30, or as they call it ”the bottom of the hour”….NOTHING at all on either reports. So Rotzy’s crystal ball implodes on me….hey that’s OK. Better than me ‘being right’ and having to comment on fires, riots, looting, statue painting/tipping (I HATE that one) and other moronic acts of vandalism and poor behaviour. This tyme sanity prevails in Bytown, eh? (*see above) O Canada!! But the BEST celebration Miz. Jo and Rotzy saw/heard was from Nakina!….starting with the parade….which somehow was being televised ”LIVE” on Jo Ann’s i-pod!!! Don’t axe the olde guy how? as I barely know how to turn on my Samsung*tm cell fone. (*see below) But I digress….just a tad. Rotzy was known as ‘the Nakina parade guy’ for the best part of 20 years, so when we emigrated south from Nakina to Brant’s Ford in late September 2018 I bestowed ALL of my ‘Parade Info’ I’d saved over the years unto our (somewhat surprised) friend Skip (not his real name) and wished him ”Good Luck”! Well, yesterday’s parade was absolutely WONDERFUL….a ‘Calithumpian’ Parade….put simply, you go to the starting point, and EVERYBODY walks/marches/drives/rides in it! (yours truly started my ‘tenure’ with one) Seems one of the organizers was the camera-lady, hence we saw the entire parade route….AND….the activities, kid’s games, splash tank (Rotzy remembers THAT one well!) watermelon-eating contest, whilst spotting lots of olde friends, our next door neighbours, and as always, Skippy The Clown (not her real name) tho we didn’t spot El Taquito. Laughs a-plenty and lots of ‘good tears’ in a couple ‘back and forths’. Damn….’twas just like being there!! Actually, Miz. Jo just showed the Fireworks Display from last night out on Cordingley Lake, bigger/louder/better than I’ve ever seen! By the bye, we’ve always called Canada Day ‘Skip’s Day’!….and it still is. It’s also Nakina’s Day….they LOVE it! Lastly, they ALWAYS celebrate July 1st ON July 1st!! As always, thumb  up to ALL of the ever-present volunteers!! O Canada!

Speaking Of Nakina….
….and I was….two of our long-tyme friends from there, Frank and Cathy (not their real names) came for a visit Thurs aft….driving down from London where they were staying with relatives. A great visit and a ‘major catch-up’, seeing as they’d been ‘covided away’ for a couple years….and it ‘coincided’ quite nicely as a ‘practice run’ for Nakina’s July One celebration the next day.

Our Son And Daughter in Law….
….were here for supper on Sat. Well, they weren’t just ‘here for supper’….they BROUGHT supper with them. The whole deal! An excellent Home Made Laz-In-A-Pan (approx wt-25lb) Fresh Caesar Salad + all the extras. Mmmmm/Mmmmm! They also lugged along a bunch of potted plants (8 or 10) that we will be ‘baby-sitting’ whilst they’re in France for a month visiting our Grandson. In checking out the plants, it’s clear most of them are dry/derelict/dead and/or so-so. No problem We brought a ‘near-fossilized’ aloe plant back to ‘now-thriving’ a while back, hence, when our travellers return from Par-eee, the eucalyptus and cetera will all be happy and growing like crazy once more. *Also, Ralph (not his real name) the Zehr’s Mgr came on the P/A yesterday as Rotzy was checking out….announcing ”all plants in the outdoor nursery on for .25 cents and .50 cents”! so….SO….$2.53 later, Olde McRotzy has gotta find some room for a dozen more plants…tomatoes and herbs….on our balcony or the two garden plots. BTW….Zehr’s were ‘Sold Out’ of raspberries, strawberries, weed and hemp plants. “Mary, Mary, quite contrary …. …. …. …. ….”

*Thought Of The Day…The real problem isn’t ‘police brutality! Today we have a generation (or two) of spoiled/entitled brats to whom ”the rules don’t apply.”

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