READERS DIGEST: xenophobic bias against CANADA

Absolutely unbelievable!! Is it xenophobia or just American capitalism at work?

My subscription to READERS DIGEST CANADA must be terminated.

Last month, I could access READERS DIGEST Digital, the Canadian version on my desktop. Today…no more.

After an hour of engagement with the American connection, the only one accessible, here is what I have learned:

  • the Canadian digital version of READERS DIGEST is no longer available;
  • the only digital READERS DIGEST Canadians can access is American.

What a travesty, injustice and example of American xenophobia. The relationship between international neighbours is being tested yet again. If I were American and the shoe was on the other foot, I likely would be bearing arms. But I am Canadian and my voice will likely just be ‘blowing in the wind,’ needless hot air.

I could lament many different aspects of this story, but each would end with the same outcome:  Americans don’t give a damn about Canadians. They might visit our country as tourists; they may label our country as friendly and affable but when push comes to shove, they don’t care about CANADA.

This is not a rant about Americans. They have enough troubles socio-politically, economically, and historically as is. The country may not even last as long as we do based on the democratic disintegration taking place there right now. I have always liked the USA and held it in high regard. Not anymore, given the increasing difficulties of the world today.

But, for me as a reader who uses hard copy sources of news as well as many others, READERS DIGEST’s terminating the Canadian edition of its digital may be the last straw.

Canada is a great country too. Canada provides READER’S DIGEST with the opportunity of doing business here and earning a profit from Canadians. But terminating the Canadian digital edition of the magazine is the last straw. You use our office spaces; you hire Canadians to staff your branch corporation; you earn revenue from Canadian readers; you earn profit from Canadians; you benefit from what Canada offers. But when it comes to outright profit considerations, if it costs you profit/earnings, then the first plug pulled is the Canadian one. Incredible! 

Obviously, big business has no shame, no scruples, no morals, no ethics….and definitely no national loyalty. For the sake of a dent to the bottom line, Canada is disregarded. We do not have the population to support the clout we need to deal with you in regard to this whole issue. If we had such, matters would never have come to this. 

Well, here’s my bottom line. Do NOT renew my subscription. As much as I supported READERS DIGEST CANADA and its business operations in Canada, I no longer see it a symbiotic relationship. It is totally parasitic. You gain. You profit. You benefit. Canadians lose.

I no longer part want to be part of this parasitic equation. Terminate my subscription as soon as practical and possible. Canadian writers will suffer. Canadian printers will lose business. Canadian jobs will be lost. Not with the termination of just one subscription maybe, but just maybe other Canadian subscribers will think about all this and consider if they want to board this train…a train that blows the Canadian horn, first, fully and foremost in Canada.

READERS DIGEST….head south where you belong!


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