EDITORIAL: Principled politicians…promising platitudes, policies and platforms of perpetuated puffery

Recently, material from Jennifer O’Connell, MP Pickering-Uxbridge, came across my desk. At first glance the material looked wonderful, colourful and very promising but as I considered it more, it began to feel like the same platitudes and empty promises we have heard so many time before.

Look for yourself:


Don’t bother wasting a lot of time reading all this junk. It’s air!

Just read this concluding blast of hot air about long term care homes….

Signing of the safe long term care fund with Ontario

The early days of the pandemic brought to light some of the most egregious deficiencies and failures of our long term care (LTC) systems in Canada. Our seniors fell victim to a systemic neglect that should have never been allowed to deteriorate to that level. In recognition of that failure, I was one of the many voices who demanded action on care homes.

That call was answered on April 21st when the government announced the signing of the safe long term care fund with Ontario. Ontario will receive $379 million from the $1 billion investment to improve infection prevention and control in (LTC )homes.

The fund will help Ontario build on existing projects, like:

  • Support for retention measures for existing staff;
  • Support for an adequate supply of personal protection equipment (PPE) for staff and visitors;
  • Support for strengthened infection prevention and control measures and training;
  • Virtual care tools and services for LTC home residents and staff;
  • Support for vaccine administration, providing hotels and other accommodations to staff to reduce travel pressure and potential exposure to families.

Hope and pray you have someone,  family, close friends who will assist you when your reach the point of needing such help because you will not be receiving it in long-term care facilities. Like hospitals, they are death traps for the incapacitated, created and consolidated by our politicians, federal and provincial.

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