FRAMPTON: a message, candidate, MAYOR

JANICE FRAMPTON is running for office of the MAYOR. Her message to the voters of Pickering….

Hello Residents of Ward

Vote Janice Frampton to be your next mayor.

My husband Phil and I have lived in Pickering since early 1984. We moved here when our first daughter was born. We decided that high-rise living was no way or place to raise a family.

The decision to run was difficult to make. The video of the proposed 75 condo towers was my call to action. I knew our current infrastructure and communities could not and would not support this kind of onslaught.

I support responsible development with proper infrastructure, proper planning and community input. I support a transparent government that makes best practice decisions for the community at large.

I am a 41-year married mother of four daughters, and grandmother of eight. I have my BA from U of T, St. Michael’s College and a Journalism Diploma from Centennial College.

Some of my other community involvement:

  • VP Home Owners Association
  • Founding member, VP Taxpayers Coalition of Pickering and Ajax (TAXCOPA)
  • Ward 1 Candidate Pickering
  • Host Rogers “No More Taxes” Rally
  • Campaign manager/volunteer, provincial & federal election campaigns
  • Chair ACTION PNP – People With Neuropathic Pain
  • Creator & Editor OUCH / Newsletter for ACTION Ontario
  • Delegate Provincial panel on pain
  • Presenter Conferences on Pain
  • Community Outreach
  • Committee on the development of Seaton

Janice Frampton

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