A message from Councillor candidate, MARA NAGY, Ward 2

A message for Councillor candidate, MARA NAGY, Ward2

My name is Mara Nagy, and I am a lifelong resident of Pickering. I’ve grown up in Ward 2. I am an elementary school teacher, Ph.D. candidate, York University TA, and food service worker. I am a community member, a woman, very politically involved, and the best choice for City Council, Ward 2.

I’ve always been extremely passionate about working to better the lives of those around me. I have always been an activist and volunteer, and worked as a ghostwriter on Parliament Hill before going on to be a teacher! Through my environmental activism, I have worked to protect our communities and our provincially significant wetlands. As part of EANAP, I worked and succeeded in repealing the wetlands MZO in Ward 2 in south Pickering. In my activism, I have also stood with fellow teachers and educators at the Rally for Education at Queen’s Park, and joined workers at the picket lines, because everyone deserves a fair shot.

I work 3 jobs concurrently, all while pursuing my Ph.D. in community development and local history full-time, because I believe in lifelong learning, and that education does not only take place in the classroom; I am not afraid of new ideas and of new ways of understanding, in fact, I am excited to see the ways that this world is constantly changing, and seeing how we can effect change within that. My work places me in a unique position to best represent the community, and to build connections with the community, because I already am so involved with the neighbourhood and the people of Pickering, in particular those of this ward.

Working also simultaneously as an occasional teacher, or supply teacher, has given me the best and most immersive way to really understand the wards of Pickering because even in the neighbourhoods I haven’t lived in, I still know them all, through my time talking to students and parents about their concerns and needs for their ward, such as the city’s vision of Nautical Village, building from the standpoint of environmental sustainability, as well as working mindfully and reasonably to grow and develop, while making sure to stop sprawl but stop tall.

I am here for the long run, and I am open, honest, and understanding. Transparency and inclusiveness are how I will succeed in my position as Ward 2 councillor, through engaging with and building trust in the community and continuing to build and foster that trust for me within our neighbourhoods. Pickering has always provided me with opportunities, and I intend to be the voice Pickering needs now. Pickering has changed, and I am here to be that change on council because I am the result of that change in the city. I have seen this change, moved with this change, and pushed myself into this change. I am prepared to work as hard as I can, to be mindful, sustainable, and community-oriented, and to amplify voices and provide platforms for others to speak, and for everyone to come up together.

As your city councillor for Ward 2, I will fight to:

  • Protect green space wetlands, forests, etc. and fight as a council to grow on spaces safely zoned for development, as well as provide accessible ways for all residents to enjoy.
  • Improve transit infrastructure across the whole city of Pickering, not just Kingston Road, and prioritize public transit growth across North Pickering and initiatives for residents to take the bus, bring TTC routes into Pickering, and electrify buses and vehicles.
  • Grow and develop responsibly and mindfully, building low- to midrises, such as co-ops, inner courtyards, townhomes, duplexes, etc., and building the community to go with it, such as schools, parks, recreation centres, and business spaces.
  • Work with the government to foster collaborative relationships that respect residents’ and city needs, understanding that it is the council’s responsibility to represent residents’ interests and push for support from our governments
  • Ensure open, accessible, and quick responses to residents with a commitment to having my office always open to those who need attention, and to speedy, considered responses to residents, as well as utmost professionalism, both on- and offline.

Thank you for your consideration, and remember to vote for Mara Nagy on October 24!

Email: mara@maranagy.com

Websites: www.maranagy.com

Please learn more at www.maranagy.com, find all my social media at www.linktr.ee/maranagy.w2, or reach out to me at mara@maranagy.com.

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