Aug 1 – Rotzy’s back

Rotzy was down for the count for a while, “technologically speaking.” But he’s up and running again [‘running’ being used in the loosest sense of the word.]

Our 8-Year Olde ASUS*tm P/C Monitor….
has been showing its’ age for a couple or three years now, a bright light at the bottom/right of the screen….kinda like a ‘sunrise’. But it turned into a ‘sunset’….a permanent one….with the help of a dandy electrical storm here at 555 Harris Place a week ago. As usual Rotzy slept through it, so Miz. Jo filled me in on the driving rain, strong winds, power outage and all. Well, altho the P/C was plugged into a ‘power-surge-bar’, ASUS*tm went AWOL, in spite of everything surviving. Imagine….the ‘used’ desk lamp I recently bought at Value Village*tm for $5.95 is fine….but the $1000-plus computer is toast!!?? So….SO….Jo Ann emailed Editor Eric K. at the T-Star on her i-Pod about covering for “From Nakina” last week and yours truly set off down the W.G.P. to Best Buy*tm….they’re close to us and we’d bought a Canon*tm Printer from them a year ago. Long story short, we got an Acer*tm ‘Aspire’ C 24….only problem is that Rotzy’s suffers from ‘olde dogs/new tricks syndrome’, even in spite of a visit from The Geek Squad Guy, and I could NOT adapt to the new Acer*tm keyboard!….too small keys with too small letters on them, way too many of them, and in different locations than they used to be. Anyway, after a few nervous breakdowns I announced that I was off to Best Buy*tm ‘to correct the keyboard situation/problem’. And I did! Hence, this item you are reading comes to you via my NEW Logitech*tm MK235….which is identical to the one I’ve been using for years (paired with the ASUS*tm). But this baby is brand-new….AND….here’s the kicker….yours truly installed it!! Unpacking it/plugs/ports/USB’s/batteries….the whole enchilada! S–t….I betcha The Geek Squad would likely hire me in a New York Minute! So here’s the deal….I emailed Eric K yesterday via my new ‘Aspire’….simply reading ‘Test Run Only”….to which I received his usual/standard reply….”Got It! Thanks!” And when I read it, I said (to myself) “Well, Toad….it looks like you’ll not be fired, laid off, suspended (with or without pay) sent down to Triple A Buffalo or placed on the 30-Day DL. So….pitter/patter!!

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary….
….how does your garden grow? Well, she may grow Silver Bells and Cockle Shells (I’m not sure but methinks Mary Mary is talking about ‘les fleurs’, including her ‘three pretty maids all in a row’) but Rotzy and my fellow growers here at Skyline and over at Hope CR seem to be more inclined to produce other tastier/more filling and healthful produce….yours truly is having a REAL run on cabbages, green and yellow beans, straight 8 cukes, a second batch of radishes should be ready very shortly and then the rest….carrots, onions, beets, squash and whatever tomatoes make it up here on our balcony. Anyway, I had just pulled into our #58 parking spot after my buckboard run yesterday when a neighbour approached with a definite look of concern as ”a rabbit or something was eating the green cabbages down front”!! I thanked her and said I’d check after lunch when I was down picking green and yellow beans….and I did. Check. Nary a sign of hungry rabbits or any other wild critters….nothing but a 2-inch wide ‘crevasse’ half way around it. Actually, it ‘split apart’….grew too big, too fast, and it’s quite common, so you already know this if you if you have a Cabbagetown in your garden. I cleaned off three or four layers of the affected leaves and it’s good as new. I’ll turn it over to our neighbour this aft and she can turn it into cabbage rolls, coleslaw and cetera.

Speaking Of Food….
….and I was….this is Rotzy’s favourite tyme of the year in the Produce Dept! NIAGARA TYME!!! The veritable horn of plenty when it comes to les fruits….and yours truly ‘tracks its’ arrival through Jason (not his real name), the Produce Mgr at Zehr’s, with Peaches being first! tho they were nipped this year by Nectarines! Rule #1….it’s gotta say “Niagara” in bold print on the package….and if they ‘elaborate’ to pinpoint ”Jordan Valley Station”, well, that’s even better. Other places that are recognized/allowed/welcomed are Vineland, Smithville, Fruitland, Jordan, Jordan Harbour, Beamsville, Ball’s Falls and Grimsby, the long-tyme home of the OHA Grimsby Peach Kings….also, word has it the peaches can now be found near Bowmanville (which is traditionally ‘apple country’, and altho B’ville is on the opposite side of the lake from the others, the 4 qt basket of peaches I picked up there a few years ago disappeared rather quickly. Now, the Niagara area is coming up with new combinations for Rotzy to try, the first was a 3L bag of ‘Peacharenes’….and they ‘went’ in three days. So….SO….today at Zehr’s I’m gonna choose between a bag of Yellow Plums or Golden Apricots. Or what about Plumcots? Say what?!

*Thought Of The Day….Mary had a little lamb, she also had a goat. I’ve oftentymes seen her little lamb, But I’ve never got her goat. (“Grim Fairy Tales”)

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