AGENDA for all candidates, WED, Aug 10, 7 pm

It is very important to clarify the agenda for this meeting to avoid misconstruing its purpose:

    Turnout in the past has been horrendous. The electorate is either apathetic, not interested, lacks motivation, doesn’t see value in voting municipally. Yet it is this level of government which affects their lives most, on a daily basis from picking up the trash to flushing toilets.
    Digital voting may have a significant effect but I believe we need to discuss how we can influence and improve voter turnout.
    Please prepare yourself mentally to propose, suggest and discuss how we can improve voter turnout.

    This is a delicate topic as some candidates may feel they cannot impart “inside secrets.” Of course, campaigning is a competition but the intention is to win the election, not beat your competitors. So, if you feel you can make a ‘safe’ suggestion, give some concrete advice to others, I will open the floor to this. This is not intended as a game of one-upsmanship or how to better your opponents. It is meant to be an open forum where secure candidates give a bit of sound advice to the group. The idea is that you are all in this together. You want the best for the city, after all, you are running. But it may be helpful if you can suggest one thing that would help everyone…something like avoiding cardboard street signs because of rainfall damage, or the best local sign maker for the price you have found is???
    I am sure you get the idea but I feel the topic may be as tenuous and fragile as the top layer of a creme Brule !

      • dynamic means for giving voters campaign information, updated regularly
      • broad and practical accessibility to campaign information for all Internet users
      • if the idea has merit, then how do we develop it and get the message out…pamphelt publishing with
        city-wide distribution, libraries distribution, retailers distribution

What this ZOOM MEETING is not
This is not an all-candidates platform discussion meeting. But on that note, I have sent a request to Mayor Dave Ryan, Library Board Chair member Maurice Brenner, and Pickering Library CEO Jackie Flowers asking them to help in producing a ZOOM TOWN HALL for all candidates. [I fear I do not have enough technical expertise to do this as my experience has maximized at ZOOM meetings of a little less than 100. The potential of what I propose could be enormous and as all of you have seen, my goal is to showcase each of you in the best possible way so that voters get a clear and informed picture of who you are and why you deserve their vote.]

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