There is some confusion as to the difference between a REGIONAL COUNCILLOR vs CITY COUNCILLOR.

Maurice Brenner has been elected CITY COUNCILLOR a number of times. This time he is running for the office of REGIONAL COUNCILLOR.

Letting Maurice explain…

To avoid confusion it is important to know that there are actually 2 Councillors per Ward as we are part of a 2 tier system of Local Government with the City of Pickering providing lower tier services such as Parks, Local Roads, Fire Services, Recreation, Cultural Services, Library Services  and Local Planning through zoning.  The Region of  Durham is the upper tier providing services such as the Police (DRPS), EMS (Ambulance), Durham Transit (DRT) , Regional Planning (Envision Durham and Official Plans), Regional Roads such as Kingston Road, Whites Road, Finch, Altona… Economic Development, Water, Sanitary, Waste Collection, Health and Social Services and so much more.
A City Councillor only sits on the City Council, while a Regional Councillor sits on both the City and Regional Council.
Using Ward 1 as an example, for the past term while being a Ward 1 City Councillor,  I have also been a Durham Regional Alternate, filling in when someone could not attend a Regional Council meeting.  With the 18 Years of experience  I had as a former Ward 1 Regional Councillor, it made it easy for me to provide strong representation on behalf of Pickering residents at Durham Region but never losing site of the importance of lower tier representation which is why I am running to fill the vacant seat for Regional Councillor Ward 1.
With me seeking the  Regional seat in Ward 1, residents will also  will be electing a new City Councillor as well.
So simply put each Ward Elects 2 Councillors on October 24th 
For more information about the election and my campaign visit my website
Maurice Brenner
Candidate Regional Councillor 
Ward 1
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