CAMPAIGNING TIPS from the veterans

TIPS from the VETS

Tips from the campaign veterans, pros who have done it before, many times. Defeats and victories, they have experienced both and “victory tastes much sweeter.”

  1. TSHIRT: see subtopic “tshirts“;
  2. MAPS: record highlighted maps to show your past door-to-door flyer distribution;
  3. COMMUTERS: be there to handshake, mornings or evenings;
  4. GROCERIES, COSTCO, WALMART: do a meet and greet w flyers WEEKENDS;
  5. WORSHIP/LIBRARIES: do a meet and greet w flyers WEEKENDS;
  6. FLYERS: distribute to parked cars – churches, library, plazas
  7. GOOD PR: ask permission where applicable to do your campaign thing
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