Aug 15 – Miz. Jo health report: chaos and confusion

Ya’d think really old people were running the medical services at BGH (Brantford General) given the chaos and confusion that reigns supreme over there. [Just takin’ the stereotypical view most people take about old people.] Luckily, Miz. Jo sounds to be bearing up well. Rotzy, not so much! A new PC nearly got him committed.

Miz. Jo Report/Update
It’s Friday 7:13 AM as I write this item, I’ve already been down to BGH to drop off Jo Ann’s freshly charged Fit Bit(*tm), an extra box of Scotties and her clean P/J’s plus a short visit…then a stop-off on the way home at Mt Hope to give Marj and Clare’s flower pot a drink….as she’s off to Hamilton General at 9:00 to have a ‘pacemaker’ installed….like the Pink Eveready Bunny….I expect somewhere between 10:00 and Noon. Or after lunch. I’m guessing she’ll ride in one of those ‘Voyago’ ambulances that Rotzy went to Ham. General for my angiogram in 2021….the Mercedes-Benz units seen all over down here. And they do DRIVE ’em! My crew dropped me at HGH, then were off to Ottawa! Hence, it’s hard to pin down Miz. Jo’s ETA back at BGH. We’re hoping for a positive result from the surgery/procedure, possibly an immediate improvement in certain areas of function….since her three-week old diagnosis came as somewhat of a ‘surprise’. Also, the fact Jo Ann had her recent hip replacement done under a ‘local’ anaesthetic, which surprised a lot of people, says today should be a cakewalk. Anyway….we’ll get back to this item tomorrow ayem.

As It Stands….
….what with the above ‘ifs and buts’, methinks yours truly will be required to pull another ‘Bill Bailey’ for Friday’s weekly BGG meeting. That would/will be two consecutive weeks. In a row. I suppose it could be argued that I AM the President….and the President SHOULD be there….right?….I mean, being ‘a person of rank’ and all….right? As well as being the oldest. Well folks, it could also be argued that Rotzy is merely 1 of 92 Presidents! That’s right….the latest unofficial tally showed/shows 94 Brantford Guy Group Members, 92 of whom are the President….as to the 2 Non-Presidents, 1 is the Sec/Treasurer and the other is the Sgt. At Arms who has designs on becoming the Grande Poo-bah! and word has it he’s even trying to infiltrate the High Council!! At any rate, sanity, along with a hefty dose of level-headedness will prevail within The BGG. It always does. Prevail.

Summertyme….And The Livin’ Is Easy….
but following a week or three with temps at or near “BROIL”, we get 3 or 4 days in the low and mid-twenties, wall to wall sunshine, low or no humidity, and out come the ‘Gloom And Doomers’! And WTF are THEY talking about/predicting? If you answered ‘autumn or fall’ you’re wrong! No sir/m’am….they skip directly to Winter!! Do not pass ‘GO’!….Do not collect $200! Dig out your goose down vest and your balaclava and take your Honda or Hyundai (no problem ’cause Rotzy can’t tell them apart) into the tyre shoppe and get your ‘studded snows’ on….and don’t be dragging your feet about it! Well….’tho Rotzy’s not gonna side in with the ‘G and D bunch’ in anticipating the arrival of Olde Man Winter before you can say ‘Jack Frost’, they are quite correct about how incredibly FAST the days/weeks/months fly past! (*note….I won’t add ‘years’ in there because the past two have gone on forever) As in ‘well, it’s Monday’…then it’s the weekend’ (unless you’re an oldster, then it’ s always the w/end) Thing is, I’m pretty sure I’m not imagining that the sand is going through the hourglass like quicksilver. Mind you, yours truly isn’t complaining….hell, at this age/stage of the game, if we still HAVE an hourglass we’re doing good….even if seven days feel like four or five….or summer just flew by in 2022. So….SO….I said (to myself) ”Hey Toad, don’t be thinking too deep on this thing, too fast/too slow….wasting tyme looking for ‘just right’….at least you’re on the right side of the lawn”.

‘Miz. Jo Day’ (*see below)
Busy tymes here at Unit #303….I’m picking up Jo Ann around 11:00-Noon. The Medical Follow-up I did Sat ayem ‘left the building’ so here’s the scoop….her Friday procedure/surgery at Ham Gen was ‘cancelled’……a ‘misdiagnosis’ (?) and she doesn’t need a pacemaker, hence her BGH departure got moved ahead!! And she is really looking forward to some of Chef Rotzy’s ‘home cookin’….like peanut butter and tomato sandwich, on sourdough bread of course. Tonight is ‘liver with onions and ‘shrooms’….recipe of the late Chef Dennis C. of Nakina….don’t overcook the liver!! MMmmmmm! Hence it’s tyme for a quick run down to Zehr’s. Stay tuned.

Thanks for the intro Mr. Bowie…and you don’t say/sing it in jest! I’m talking about Miz. Jo’s schedule….or lack thereof….over the past 3 days. (*see above) There have been changes in plans, changes in Doctors (and nurses of course) and changes in rooms (3 different numbers/locations to remember) over the past 4 days. Or is/was it 3? The I/V is out, the I/V is back in. The portable monitor is attached….then it’s not. The menus change every day of course, tho she never sees one. A menu. She was actually enjoying lunch yesterday….cream of broccoli soup and roasted chicken thigh w/ corn (NOT CARROTS!) and potatoes….but just as she sliced into the chicken, they came to move here. Again. S–t. So….SO….it’s Mon 9:30AM as I finish this off, and I’m about to switch her pajamas, and cetera I picked up this ayem at 7:00 into the dryer….I ‘splained to her we have a ‘Special’ on Today…’2 Pair for One’…..and….’In by 7:00, Delivered by Noon’. S–t. I can’t see any “F/N” profit on that….at $5 bucks a pop for BGH parking. What the hell? She’s an olde customer….and a good one. Stay tuned.

*Thought Of The Day….The Queen of Our Hearts, She baked up some tarts….They turned out all blackened, quite scary….Then she smiled as she looked them all over again…. Said “I baked them for Megan and Harry!” (Grim Fairy Tales)

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