Do these tasks as your FALL HOME MAINTENANCE jobs while the weather is still good.


  1. Roof inspection:
    Check for loose/missing shingles
    Damaged areas/shingles

  2. Gutters
    Clean and unplug downspouts

  3. Foundation
    Inspect for water damage
    Inside any leakage on a basement wall
    Unevenness or buckling of floor tiles anywhere indicating water damage underneath

  4. Driveway/brickwork cracks
    Inspect and repair any cracks in the driveway
    Inspect and repair any cracks in visible brickwork of the walls
    Inspect and repair any cracks in visible brickwork under windows or their sills

  5. Windows
    Check windows inside for water leakage or drafts using light tissue paper

  6. Leaf raking
    Raked leaves make excellent mulch for resting flower/garden beds

  7. Garden hoses
    Drain and store drained water hoses
    Shut off water to the exterior faucets
    Open all exterior faucets

  8. Air conditioner
    Clean leaves and debris away from exterior of air conditioner
    Cover air conditioner with strong tarp to protect from winter snow

  9. Furnace
    Change filter
    Ensure fan working properly
    Use shop vac and brush to clean around furnace and blower fan

  10. Fireplace
    Inspect and do maintenance appropriate to type of fireplace
    Gas fireplace: check remote control, change batteries, change batteries inside fireplace

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