Sept 12 – Buckingham Palace…the new doghouse for Brit royalty?

Miz Jo is back home…she’s happy…Rotzy’s even happier!

It’s Been A Long Haul….
….and if you think Rotzy is ‘joshing you’….well, you can axe Miz.Jo. But after a couple ‘If’s and but’s’, a ‘we’re not sure’ and a few ‘maybe’s’, she’s HOME in Unit #303 at Harris Place! And VERY happy about it. Incarcerated for 5 WEEKS plus, so she was delighted to wave and say ”goodbye BGH” when yours truly picked her up last Tues. It was a ‘relief’ for me as well since I hadn’t seen her the last week as the 7th Floor had gone ‘ISO’ status. So….SO….(as I’ve been explaining to people) the ‘hip replacement’ went well and she should/will be able to take part in the Oct “Terry Fox Run”, altho, rather than ‘running’, she’s more apt to join the ‘walkers on walkers’ group! Her ‘meds’ have been ‘changed/modified/chopped/added to’ in order to get/keep her ‘electrolytes’ in order. And eating more iron….we both like liver, bacon and onions, some boiled potatoes plus a (large) helping of spinach! And melted butter atop. (*’scuse me but I seem to be drooling onto my t-shirt) Anyway, here’s a giant ‘Thank You/Merci’ for everyone’s thoughts/concerns/best wishes/even prayers during Miz. Jo’s stay at BGH. Also to BGH Staff, Doctors, RN’s (*especially the one we thought was a Cleaning Lady), RPN’s, PSW’s, the ‘Zamboni’ (cleaner) Driver, and Volunteers, like the lady at the front door who always looked at yours truly ‘suspiciously’. Not to forget the parking lot attendant who somehow arrived out of the blue if Rotzy (or another ‘oldster’) was having trouble getting out. (*I wondered if he’d heard about ‘my little run-in’ with the ‘parking lot arm’ at the clinic a couple blocks from BGH on St Paul Ave. No matter….Rotzy’s ALL DONE with parking lots….and happy to pocket the $10 or $15 bucks a day, thank you! (*see below) Bottom line to this….everything can/can’t be blamed on COVID, and I’m afraid BGH ‘dropped the ball’ on this one

Seeing That It’s Friday….
….that means ‘Order-in/Take-out food nite’, I guessed/assumed that could/would mean pizza, from our favourite place, Super Deal Pizza, over on Brantwood. BUT, Miz. Jo was/is already settled on Swiss Chalet. Nothing wrong with that….sure ’nuff they’re our most common ‘provider’ on Fri nites! She also has Sat and Sun Dinners chosen….2 fat slices of l/over meatloaf will get crumbled up to become ‘ fried burg/potato hash on Sat, with corn, onions and cetera’. MMmmmm! And Sun dinner is…………? S–t, I forget/forgot….but our left over green bean/mushroom casserole (a ‘new recipe’ Miz. Jo found) was/is great and it’s part of it. Sun dinner. OK, OK! Got it. Chicken Alfredo with pasta!….probably spaghetti….no, definitely spaghetti. I’d like the green beans as a ‘side’ tho Miz Jo says they could/should/would become part of the sauce. Top it with Parmesan or Asiago, a couple pieces of garlic bread and a glass or two of Chardonnay. (oooops! a little more drool) Anyway….lots of good eats at Unit #303….purveyors of fine grub!!

Gardens And Stuff
When Miz Jo found the recipe for the green bean casserole, firstly Rotzy had to head down front to the Commune Garden and pick them. The green beans. I also decided to pick the yellow beans….ALL of them, because they were pretty well toast for 2022. Hence, to make it easier, I pulled the entire plants, picked the ‘keepers’ off and threw the rest in a pile….which I’ll remove in one of those big brown paper bags. Beans done! I still have a row of beets and a row of carrots. Over at the Hope CR Gdn there’s a dozen Spanish onions (minus the BIGGEST one, right at the edge of the plot, which some SOB helped themself to. We hadn’t even eaten any of our Spanish yet, so I’m hoping they’re HOTTER than Hades and he/she gets a major dose of heartburn!! I also have 5 or 6 tomato plants (‘Beefsteak’ and ‘Slicers’)….lots of fruit on them but they’re green as grass, meaning they need two weeks of sun and warmth….OR it’ll be ‘fried green tomatoes’. Hey, that would/will be fine with Miz. Jo and Rotzy. By the bye, she requested squash for Sun nite dinner….so I’ll clean and cut up our first Buttercup of the season! I’ve really enjoyed ‘watching our stuff grow’ in both plots, and a couple of dinks won’t curb my enthusiasm in looking forward to the ’23 growing season come Feb and March! (*note* Rotzy’s ‘petunia/helicopter launch pad’ out on our balcony is shutting down…most of the leaves are brown and Miz. Jo has ‘ordered it gone’. The whole thing! Methinks she doesn’t realize this is how I ‘kept my sanity’ whilst she was on her hospital hiatus.

I was just out there playing with them this ayem (Sun) and the ‘purple ‘copters have indeed become fewer….so I ended up with only a couple successful garden landings while 3 or 4 didn’t make it past #203 and #103’s balconies. Perhaps Rotzy will give the plant a shot and a half of Liquid Miracle Grow! At $40 bucks a bottle maybe it WILL create a miracle?!

Did You Really Think….
….that Rotzy wasn’t gonna add his two cents/tuppence worth about Queen Elizabeth II and King Charles III !!?? Well, at this point in tyme there is surely NOTHING to be said/added to remarks/comments/tributes to and about The Queen that hasn’t already been used a thousand tymes! NOTHING!!! The only point I would perhaps make is that with EVERYTHING that is being said/written about her from all corners of the globe (we’ve watched a LOT of TV coverage) there has been nary one single word with even a hint of negativity! Not one!!! And THAT, over 96 years….70 as the Ruler of Great Britain and The Commonwealth….Rotzy can see as ‘her legacy’. So….SO….”What about Charles”?, you ask. Well, they (press/media, etc.) are doing the fine-tooth comb thing on him already, such obvious points as “He’s too old”. Well, he IS 73!….four years younger than Rotzy, BUT I’m older than dirt! That’s fine and dandy if you’re becoming the Pope, but King of Great Britain? ‘The oldest ever crowned’!? And then, there’s ‘the wife’, (the wannabe Queen) Camilla. Yours truly doesn’t like her….I’ve called her The Hound ever since….ever since……..well, you know. Miz. Jo says things like ‘that’s not nice’…and ….’she’s not a hound any more’. Sorry. Woof-woof. She wants ‘her crown’ and it won’t matter a damn to her if there’s an *asterisk* beside her ‘altered’ title of ‘Queen Consort’….”just give me the bloody Crown”!! But the press/media is already making ‘little whispers’ about a lot of Brits not liking her. At all. Ditto for the Scots, seeing as Elizabeth was half Scottish. It says here Camilla will become a ‘real cross to bear’ for King Chuck III. A ‘pain in the Royal ass’, as it were. Woof! Woof! GRrrrr!

*Thought Of The Day…Olde King Cole was a merry olde soul, Yes a merry olde soul was he, ‘Cause he liked his Guinness, He enjoyed his Chivas, but he LOVED his Courvoisier!

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