Sept 19 – no vacation time for Rotzy

Some of us to on vacation, others don’t.

After All The Hoopla and Ballyhooing….

on learning that Denny’s*tm was opening its’ new location in Brant’s Ford ron the WG Parkway had settled down, it meant that their ‘Country Fried Steak’ (aka ‘Chicken Fried Steak’) was gonna be available to Rotzy for the first tyme in 30-odd years! after the Rotzes and the Staintons (not their real name) landed at the Denny’s in upstate Watertown, NY. following the annual weekend ‘Leaf Tour’ of Vermont and New Hampshire, the same tyme as our Thanksgiving. (it was also the same tyme the Jays were kicking Dennis Eckersley and his Oakland A’s collective asses outta the ALCS, enroute to the World Series! Which, bye the bye, they won!! Anyway, it was a little early for supper when we got to Watertown, but we were all hungry after the drive from North Conway, NH. We were seated by Denny’s Hostess and ordering was a ‘no brainer’ for Rotzy….I just said ‘I’ll have the Chicken Fried Steak’!!….’you mean the ‘Country Fried Steak’, sir’?….’Yes….that’s fine!….you see, I already knew the ‘different name’. So….SO….today’s the day to end the ‘Denny’s 30 year drought’!! This coulda/shoulda/woulda ended weeks/months ago….but it didn’t. Hey….s–t happens, eh? That’s putting it mildly, but ‘today being Friday’, it means Order In-Take Out Day here in Unit #303, and that rule/rule of thumb has been (firmly) in place since Oct 1/2018….OK? Hence, at 2:30/3:00 pm this aft, Rotzy will be pointing Edna The SUV down the WGP to Denny’s*t/m….an American institution (of eateries)….and picking up our supper! Two of ’em, because as Miz found out on her i-POD, Chicken (Country) Fried Steak is actually BEEF rather than CHICKEN. Hence, with her new ‘eat more iron’ diet requirements, ‘red meat’ is one of the priorities. She’s not big on gravy….they usually ‘smother’ the steak with ‘Country Gravy’ so Rotzy’s

gonna axe the maitre’d for both of ours ‘on the side, thank you’, like, in a container of some kind. Also, tomorrow I/we will turn into the Geraldton Weekly Times-Star Food/Restaurant Critics. S–t. I/we haven’t done anything like that since Nakina had as many as FOUR restaurants operating during the summer months! Oh yes we did!! Well, tomorrow (Sat) I/we will let the readership know how Dennys*t/m fares in the ‘five star ratings’ with their ‘Country (Chicken) Fried Steak’!….Stay Tuned! (*Sat. Ayem* Rotzy mucked up and forgot to order the gravy ‘on the side and the food’s not as good ‘re-heated’. Miz. Jo…** Me…** 1/2. S–t.

Speaking Of ‘Food Critics’….

….the crew (Shane, Ryan and Brendan) on my favourite late nite/early morning/Canada-wide radio talk show The Shift (based in Calgary and Vancouver) got into the ‘Are You OK With?’ segment, with ‘pizza’ being the key word, so they’re chatting about ‘pizza’ last Wed at about 4:45AM EDST….thence into ‘pizza crusts’ and the various types of ‘crusts’….made with ‘pizza crust dough’. Well, Brendan’s eating choices/habits are ‘different’ than mine, or even ‘the norm’, you might say, often called ‘healthier choices’ and often made by ‘vegans’. Of course Brendan had to make mention of pizza crust made of cauliflower! (yeckk!) Even the laid-back Millennial On The Radio (Ryan) balked at that one, and there was talk about ‘entirely crust-less pizza’! Well, Shane took charge….and walked away with the “F/N” Quote Of The Week when he responded with ”pizza without crust is like a bowl of Jambalaya”! Too funny!! Almost ‘made a mistake’ in my FTL’s!!

The Monarchy….And Stuff

Rotzy MIGHT have made mention in last week’s edition that I’m not exactly doing handsprings over the new King….or his ‘lovely’ wife. But then again. Firstly, I must admit to being a ‘monarchist’, tho ‘admit’ may not be the correct word. In another day and tyme I might well have been a U/E/L. But as to ‘being a ‘monarchist’, make no mistake about it, I ‘inherited it’ from my Mom! (and my Dad too….he was German by name but much more Limey than Kraut in lineage) But I’m not of the banner waving, drum beating, lover of the Crown variety….it’s something that’s just always been there. And here in Canada. And it never ceases to amaze yours truly how the USA just loves/can’t get enough of the Royal Family….maybe more than us! As if perhaps they’d like to say ‘sorry’ and ‘re-do’ the Boston Tea Party!? Anyway, Rotzy is wondering how the Yanks are going to ‘accept’ King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla….aka King Charles #3 and The Hound. Woof! Tell you something here….keep it under your hat, OK? Last week, Penelope (not her real name), an olde ‘parking neighbour’ of mine down front asked me ‘what I thought about the Royals’? so I told her. Well……..she kicked it up a notch and with her it’s ‘King Chuck The Turd and Camilla (I can’t type what she said in here,,,,you know, young eyes and/or ears….but it’s NOT ‘flattering’) So….SO….Rotzy’s feelings toward Buckingham Palace’s new residents isn’t unique. At all. And The House of Tudor has storm clouds gathering overhead. Again. Still. Here’s a thought. S–t. Imagine. A ‘thought’…….from Rotzy. *Memo to The King.,,,so how do I start it? I mean, he IS the King! OK, OK, OK….here goes. Dear Your Majesty….In the unlikely event that you and/or your wife (the queen) are NOT being accepted in Britain and/or the Commonwealth, Rotzy ‘has a plan’. In truth, it was/is not mine, in truth, it was your Uncle Edward’s. GO! LEAVE TOWN! MOVE TO THE BAHAMAS (they don’t have/need/want a Ruler! Call it ‘CH-EXIT’! Methinks the right term is ABDICATE! And….take the Missus with you, (to myself…PLEEZE!!) This is gonna be the hard part Chuck, and you can bet your Royal ass she is NOT gonna want to lose her *Queen *Consort* title….OR….the Crown that goes with it. Just get her gone, OK? And then….”Long Live King William”!!

*Thought Of The Day….Jack B. Nimble, Jack B. Qvik, Jack jump high or you’ll set off the alarms here at 555 Harris Place and chase one and all outdoors in their sleepwear in the middle of the nite! (Grim Fairy Tale.)

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