Sept 26 – really ranting about Russkies, and more….

”Holy Cow, Toad”….

….I said (to myself) ….(or something like that) at about 5:45AM last Fri down in the front lobby here at Harris Place, after enjoying my coffee and first puff du jour in Edna The SUV. (*for my/our fellow residents who remain convinced Rotzy’s smoking weed daily down front in our Equinox….well, that’s cool by me and Miz. Jo) So….SO….after avoiding yet another fist fight with the electric door opener, I entered the lobby, and there it is/was. A high back, ergo-friendly, black leather ‘office chair’….and a neatly printed sign taped on it which read “Almost Brand New….’Free”. Hello??!! And forget the ”Almost”….there is nary a mark on this thing! However….there are numerous moving parts on it, adjustment levers, premium-grade casters and cetera, hence yours truly’s got to check it out…I mean, there might be an ‘EJECT” button….perhaps Google*tm it if I can find out the manufacturer. Anyway, a big “F/N” Thank You to some VERY kind/thoughtful resident(s)!! PS….plus….don’t tell anybody, but it’s funn just to sit and spin around on it!

Wouldn’t You Know It?

It’s been quite a while…..maybe a year or more….since Harry Houdini dropped by the 555 Harris Place parking lot, but he WAS here last nite (Thurs) or early this morn (Fri) and the Master Of Magic and Disappearing Acts has obviously still ‘got it’! Last nite he made the Catalytic Converter on a black Honda DISAPPEAR! GONE! Completely!! The “F/N” Crime Investigation Dept learned of this incident at about 4:30AM directly from the (very upset) car owner….and it is the 6th such theft in less than four years!….ALL within the same area of the parking lot!….all were ‘imports’ except for the Ford F250….all ‘on camera’, or within camera range! But who’s watching the monitors?! The poor guy who owns the Honda was really stressed out at what it’s gonna cost him!? Rotzy didn’t mention two years back the guy who owned the nice, white Hyundai was out $2500 bucks when he went to the shop to retrieve it!! Ouch! As to Rotzy tossing a little “F/N” humour into this item….because the actual reports on the previous 6 thefts aren’t funny….at all….they’re pathetic. Also, I have reason to believe that 6 vehicles is ‘WAY LIGHT’! Yours truly is aware of one other….a Cat. Conv. theft, the owner took the car to the dealership that day, new one installed, done. No call to police or his Insurance Rep (because he had $1500 Deductable) and his bill was $2100 dollars. Well, there are more people around like that guy! And that’s sad. You think that Skyline tells prospective renters “your vehicles are plenty safe on OUR parking lots”! (maybe so….compared to Buffalo, NY)

”I Wonder How Many There Are, Toad”?….

….I said (to myself) last week when the numbers came out. ”I mean, REALLY! 300,000!!?? C’mon comrade, that’s a LOT, isn’t it”? So….SO….the 300,000 is the number of Russian ‘Reserves’ being ‘called up’ by Vladimir Putin in HIS war against The Ukraine. But there are a number ‘people of position/power’ who appear to be questioning whether Vlad has too many zeroes in HIS ‘quote’, altho ‘threat’ is a much better word. Than ‘quote’. Anyway, if we drop ONE zero, it becomes 30,000 soldiers…and that’s still a lot, especially by ‘Canadian military standards’, albeit a far cry from The Puke’s 300,000! Now if we were to drop TWO zeroes….and a number of ‘people of position/power’ strongly believe this number to be much closer to the truth….they’d only be ‘calling up’ 3000 soldiers. ‘Reserves’! not well-trained, cracker-jack outfits like Navy Seals, US Marines, Canada’s own 48th Highlanders or the Princess Pat Rifles. In truth….from the number of casualties in Putin’s now-seven-month-long war….and getting the TRUTH from the Russians is a ‘hit and miss thing’ since forever….there are considerably more ‘military dead’ Ruskies than Ukranians. But Putin is WAY ahead in ‘property destroyed/erased’ and ‘dead civilians, ALL ages’….not to mention ‘the unspeakable tortures’ inflicted on them enroute to their deaths. But now it has become very clear that MANY of these ‘call-up reserves’….be it 3000/30,000 or 300,000….want no part of Putin and his #$%&@ war! Hell….most of them have never shouldered a firearm, let alone fire one….at another human being!! Hence, they’re ‘calling in sick’, missing ayem Roll Call, MIA, gone AWOL, some even protesting in the streets along with TENS (Hundreds?) of THOUSANDS of other Russian civilians!! Many of them have been fined and/or are in jail. Because you DON’T do that ‘buck the system’ stuff in Russia! But, because of this new anti-Putin movement growing all across The Motherland….things are perhaps changing. You see, there ARE Russians who are NOT ‘bad people (*see below), who even ‘have morals’. Imagine. In fact, it’s obvious there are a number….and it’s ‘really grown/growing in 2022’….who dislike/hate Putin to the point they want major change….tho they gotta be careful with such ideals as it doesn’t fit in with The Puke and the heavy hand of The Party. Thousands are LEAVING the country!! As to ”NOT bad people (*see above)….Rotzy’s gotta qualify/clarify that statement, OK? Example: History tells us in 1972 ALL Russians were ‘bad people’….VERY BAD….every last one of them! That was the ‘Canada vs the USSR Summit On Ice’ Tournament. There were other ‘bad people’ moments as well, with Kruschev’s Bay Of Pigs, ceretain tymes during Stalin’s days, and cetera. Then along came a guy named Gorbachev….often called ‘Gorby’….a ‘softer-spoken’ guy than Kruschev and the rest. I could always spot him in a group of presidents, kings and cetera….he was the one with a map of Chile tattooed on top of his forehead. Plus it seemed he smiled more than the rest of the Commies? As he passed away just recently the accolades for his ideas/ideals came in from around the globe. ‘Gorby’ wasn’t in power all that long….clearly he wasn’t ‘hard-ass’ enough for The Party’s liking. Well, the guy who is ‘in power’ today certainly is! ‘Hard-ass enough’. And he IS The Party. The modern day Hitler….and just as ****ing crazy/consumed with ‘power’. And just like the little Austrian with the bad moustache and hair-do, Putin isn’t winning HIS war either! But….BUT….Putin has weapons….of the nuclear missile type….that Adolf couldn’t even imagine. Putin has total control of ‘The N Buttons’….and that’s BAD. Putin is ‘bad people’ and that’s not good. (*Rotzy’s Ruskie Rant of the week)

*Thought Of The Day…If you peel a banana from the ‘other’ end, you’ll avoid those ‘stringy things’. (aha!….You just tried it, didn’t you? Or….you’re pissed off because you didn’t get any Chaquitas when you shopped this week!)

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