Oct 3 – A Chinese dinner of topics from health to car part thieves in his condo area to Putin and Canadian sanctions…and a food review to boot.

To Err Is Human….

….but on this baby Rotzy wasn’t even close! I make reference to the item in last week’s “F/N” column about the catalytic convertor that went missing from the black Honda (*see below) down at the far end of our 555 Harris Place parking lot, and how I’d spoken with the upset owner only an hour or so after the fact…informing him he was the 6th or perhaps the 7th victim in about 3 years. However, a conversation with an unnamed/reliable source who informed the “F/N” Crime Investigation Dept that there had been TWO MORE stolen in the same tyme frame! Goodness me!! Seems the ‘Cat/Con Burglar’ had a busy night! By the bye, the black Honda sits in the outer row right next to a tree-filled clotch/gulch….the second victim not far from it, also in an outer row. The burglar scored his/her ‘hat-trick’ from a vehicle over on the south side (the FRONT) of our ‘sister building’ 536 Dunsdon. So it matters not a damn WHERE his/her target sits….in a somewhat ‘out of the way spot’ or adjacent to a main artery/right under the lights/near the entrance! And ‘right under our noses’! He/she also knows in advance where/what his/her target(s) will be when he/she arrives….no guesswork or ‘eenie-meenie-mynie-moe.’

Courtesy of someone strolling around the lot(s) mid-afternoon….taking pictures with a fone, showing the parking spot #, the rear of the vehicle and the license plate. The ‘caser of the joint’ if you will. Actually yours truly and two friends (also tenants) busted one of these set-up guys last summer (almost), but he took off! Wisely for him, as one of our trio has a Black Belt….and last we saw of the ‘camera guy’ he was ‘going south’ on Park Road North. Anyway, it appears the cat. convertor count here in Skyline’s 3-building compound is now ‘sitting at NINE’. Betting? Don’t put too much on it ‘staying at NINE’! By the bye, whilst getting new brakes installed ‘all around’ on Edna The SUV at Midas*tm yesterday I axed the boss lady about stolen Cat-Cons and she said ‘they sell ’em to wreckers’, who then sell them as ‘used parts’ to ‘unsuspecting customers’. I’m guessing not ALL of those ‘wreckers’ are ‘Members in Good Standing of the BBB….Better Business Bureau. So….SO….for starters, keep your eyes open for ‘parking lot shutterbugs’ strolling around mid-afternoon and report it to your ‘building super’. By the bye, I’m wondering if the thief realized the cat/con he/she just removed from the black Honda was/is SIXTEEN years old?!

‘Twas Back In May 2021…

….when yours truly started into my weekly/twice-weekly/sometymes thrice-weekly visits to the V.O.N. down on Grey St. here in Brant’s Ford. Initially, after a couple ‘heart issues’ for Rotzy, it was to treat fluid build-up/retention in my lower legs and fluid drainage via ulcers. Leg ulcers. Bandaids, bandages, gauze patches, compression sox….and cetera. Also treatment of cuts, scrapes, bruises, abrasions and the likes to my hands/arms,,,,caused by passing out/fall-down-go-booms….caused by low B/P. Anyhow, I’m all done….Friday at 7:20 AM Nurse Ashleigh (not her real name) pronounced yours truly as ‘all healed up and good to go’! Cool. But hold off on the ”way to go Rotzy” stuff for a couple months if you don’t mind, OK? I’ve been ‘all done’ before….two or three tymes when the ulcers re-opened, and it’s back to Square ‘A’ all over again, with the family doctor’s referral, VON re-assessment, you-name-it. A ‘pain in the ass’ is a fine and fitting name. So….SO….a BIG ‘thumbs up’ and ‘Thank You’ to all at The V.O.N. And I’m hoping NOT to see you soon!

The Group Had Assembled….

….and waited patiently as a driver and helper had been dispatched to pick up the order….at a place called ‘Blessings’ ….’Chinese Food’ (*see below) Miz. Jo and Rotzy were told. Individual Dinners For One type fare with a dozen different plates to choose from. At ‘Blessings’…..’Chinese Food’! Not Kong’s….or Kwong’s….or King Kong’s….or Hong Kong’s. ‘Blessings’! The ‘group’ were/are mostly oldsters, had been told ‘it’s quite good’, and we’d already paid for our orders, which were $1- $1.50 more than Nanking and/or Beijing (I wonder how many of us had ‘tipped’ in the 20% range? LOL!) as we waited for our own Uber service to return. Well, it did. Return. One of the first things yours truly heard was a reference to ‘Japanese Food’, then Uber #1 replying ”well, that’s what they call it”, but by then Rotzy was devouring an egg roll. Tell you what….great egg roll; best-ever almond-chicken-gravy soo-guy; ‘cleanest’ chicken-fried rice (only add as much soy sauce as YOU want); then something scared me as I bit into what I thought to be a breaded shrimp….there was something INSIDE it! Une crevette!! A shrimp!!…plump and juicy….they were ALL like that. Plump and juicy. And I said (to myself) “What a novelty there, Toad! I don’t know why nobody ever tried ‘that shrimp thing’ before!?” The “F/N” Find Of The Week. Not sure where ‘Blessings’ is located on King George Road, tho I’ll find it whilst on today’s buckboard run, also find out whether it’s Chinese or Japanese….but who cares?….and grab a menu. The best part is that the servings are big enough there was enough left over on Miz. Jo’s AND Rotzy’s plates it’ll be another ‘Blessings Nite’. MMmmm! *I learned ‘Blessings’ has a VERY extensive menu that includes, among other choices, Chinese AND Japanese dishes. A 4 1/2 Star rating!!

Nobody Was Listening….

….to Comrade Putin last Fri when he announced Russia is going to ‘annex’ several key areas within The Ukraine, bring them back under Russian control….”where they belong” he somewhat confidently added. Wrong. Not gonna happen. And outside the four walls where the Commie Party faithful had gathered to kiss the boss’s butt and hear his ‘motivational’ words, the western world and other countries of ‘free societies’ ignored Vlad completely, tho a few had a few words of caution for the #1 Commie. Then, Ukraine’s President Szelenski tells one and all they will join NATO immediately! Denmark then kicks up their Black Sea area Air Force operations several notches, which Rotzy figured to be like ‘rolling out the NATO ‘welcome mat’. Putin is up to his sorry ass in alligators! Increasingly of late, HE is losing HIS war….mucking (I can say ‘mucking’, right?) with the wrong guy….the wrong people. As long as he doesn’t go near the panel with the buttons on it! One thing I don’t get….Justin Trudeau, giving it his best ‘hard-ass/tough guy’ impression, keeps on coming up with ‘Canadian SANCTIONS on Russia’ every tyme Putin says or does something offensive to The Ukraine! WTF??!! As if Canada could shut Russia down economically! C’mon, J/T!! Eight &%$#@ months into Putin’s war and we STILL have SANCTIONS left to impose??!! WHY??!! (*Rotzy’s Commie Rant of the week)

*Thought Of The Day…Little Jack Horner sat in the corner, With a Papa John Pizza Pie. He could’ve got Soo Guy and Chow Mein from Blessings (*see above), So he said ”what a dumb Dink am I”! (Grim Fairy Tale)


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