04 – You can’t beat old age, but you can fight it!

5 suggestions that might help you cope with aging better.

  1. Act young
    Many people after 50 start acting old. They grow sedentary and weak. Soon they can’t participate in the activities they enjoyed when young. Then they sort of spiral into old age. Instead, stay physically active. Exercise, play sports, hike, ride a bike. Keep doing the things you loved to do when young and fight old age passionately.
  2. Think young
    Many people after 50 start thinking old. They think of themselves as old and the things they used to enjoy when young. They sort of give themselves an excuse for checking out their younger life. Instead, never think of yourself as old. Think of yourself in the way you did when you were younger. You’re still capable. You can still do a lot. So…just keep doing it!
  3. Talk young
    Many people after 50 talk old. They talk about being old, things they regret, maladies, aches and pains. Quit whining. Get back on the horse and ride, ride, ride. Ride until you can’t anymore. Refuse to grow old easily.
  4. Relate young. Many people after 50 only hang out with other old people. Together they share the misery of growing old and the regrets of missing youth. Instead, share life with older friends but the ones who talk and act young like you. Make new friends with younger people that rejuvenate you. And refuse to grow old.
  5. Believe young
    Many people after 50 sort of give up and give in to growing old. They believe they have no choice but to have bad health and faded memories of better times. And they fulfill their expectations. Instead, start believing these are good days too. You can still do things, many things. You’re not finished yet. So don’t act like it’s over. It isn’t!

The best way to stay young is to fight old age with all your might!

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