Democratic governments are founded on the premise that those who govern are beholden to the will of the governed. They do not automatically produce more noble or enlightened leaders than other forms of government. They elect human beings with their inherent frailties, biases, and failings. A democracy offers society a corrective. When leaders fail to serve the needs of the populace, there is a mechanism for replacing them. It’s called elections.                                                            Dan Rather


Elections are the bedrock of democracies, voters their maintenance force. Voters build the foundation and maintain it with periodic and regular corrective maintenance. Without elections, the corrective upkeep, democracies would fail because they are led by human beings.

Democracies are revived, thrive, and survive because of voters, the group who determine who is to govern and regularly designate who will receive the legitimacy and right to power.

Every constituency had numerous excellent candidates. It is unfortunate each office has but one office holder.

If you voted
Regardless if your candidate won or lost, you are to be commended for voting and giving your support to that candidate. You are a winner in the election.

Voting is the foundation for every government and if you voted, you played a vital role in that government. You chose who is to sit in political office. You played a key role and are appreciated for doing so.

If you did not vote
If you did not vote, why didn’t you? There may be many reasons for this. The voting procedure as organized by the city made voting easy, accessible, and convenient. You could vote from your kitchen or if you preferred the old-fashioned way of voting, ballot stations were open in many locations.

There is no excuse for not voting. Not voting shows how little a non-voter cares about the government which affects them directly, every day. Non-voters demonstrate disrespect and disdain for a privilege held by a minority of people in the world.

Non-voters…a shame!

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