05 – A big disconnect between citizens and politicians

The abysmally low voter turnout continues a long-standing trend in municipal elections and comes on the heels of a meagre 43-per-cent turnout in June’s provincial elec­tion. People feel less connected to politics and politicians.

The Star informs us that Premier Doug Ford is heading to court to overturn a subpoena to appear at the probe into the so-called “free­dom convoy.” Why is he hiding? What doesn’t he want us to know? Does he not realize, or does he not care, that his actions undermine trust? In Ottawa, parliamentarians of all parties supported a motion to investigate rising food prices. But those conducting this probe will have no power to compel witnesses to testify, and, to the average citizen it looks like nothing but a meaning­less public relations exercise.

There are far too many other ex­amples of the disconnect between citizens and politicians to mention. It all points to the frustration and anger that results in things like the truckers convoy and low voter turnout. It also shows us that poli­ticians have become managers, not leaders.

Steve S., Toronto

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