Oct 31 – He’s rantin’ and ravin’ all over the place….but then it’s Halloween, so whatever spirit moves ya!

Readers Write
Well….we didn’t get anything from ‘Crusty’ (not his real name) here at “F/N”HQ this week but several others stepped up to fill his ‘vacancy’, so we’ll offer you the following: Firstly, ”F/N” congrats’ are duly in order for this first item!! Check it/them out: *I’ve been ‘sober’ now for 43 days!! Not in a row or anything, just in total. **(on loyalty and stuff) Never piss off a Canadian. We will roll you in a vat of ‘le sirop d’erable’ (maple syrup), drop you into a barrel of seasoned bread crumbs, then throw you into the midst of a flock of angry geese….Canada Geese of course….it wouldn’t be pretty….and all without spilling a drop of our beer!! ***Did I hear this right? CTV National News strongly indicated late last week that Canada will be sending soldiers to Haiti to help police forces there in controlling/eliminating gang warfare, which is quite out of control these days. The number of Cdn. military to be deployed was not released. Meanwhile, in Moscow, as Putin’s bombing attacks on Ukraine’s civilians and infrastructure reaches new levels, Junior Trudeau will be ‘increasing Canadian sanctions’ on Russia. (*note….Rotzy caught that too, and when you have the ‘military might’ Canada has (or not) it’s best to ‘pick your fights’….or avoid combat completely and go with ‘sanctions’. Just sayin’)

W.E.H.T….. Week #2
We received some good responses to last week’s ‘What Ever Happened To’? debut as well as a few ‘new’ WEHT’s….but Rotzy wants MORE, so get onto it, OK? Anyway, as to ‘replies’, one reader asks ”No idea where the money went….but who or what is Bo Diddley”? C’mon man!! He is/was Ellas McDaniels and I’d bet Leonard Chess got a good chunk of his dough. I’d also wager this reader knows not ‘W E H T McKinley Morganfield’ either? And that’s too bad as they’re both blues and R&B giants. Legends! Another reader responded to my ‘WEHT senator Mike ‘Beluga Head’ Duffy’ with a question….’Who the **** cares”?!! Well, he’s got a point there, eh? Perhaps ‘B/H’ re-joined his ‘pod’ and they are in The Bay of Fundy, swimming back to wherever it is Belugas go to live out their days. And nights. As long as he stays away from Ottawa and The Red Chamber! Anyway….here’s a few more: ”W E H T The Littlest Hobo? One of young Rotzy’s favourite TV shows!! BYAM (between you and me) I’d take Hobo over Lassie any day….IF he wasn’t so prone to disappearing completely at the end of the show. EVERY week!! W E H T George Cleveland? W E H T Tiny Tim? No, No, No….not Tim, the ‘youngest of the Cratchit children’, I mean the ‘Tip-Toe-Through-The-Tulips Tim’. W E H T Emmet Kelly? (*clue: The Bums’ #1 Bum). WEHT John Barrisford Tipton? (*clue: he had a lot of money). And lastly, there are/were two musical questions: ”W E H T Bob B. Soxx & The Blue Jeans”?….and….”W E H T Ernie K. Doe”? Good luck folks, and we’d like to hear from you!

Petitions And Stuff
I answered the knock on the door to unit #303 last Wed at about 6:30PM (with a bulging mouthful of fried breaded Tilapia fillet) to a couple friends/neighbours from here at 555 Harris Place, and whilst Rotzy was trying to get rid of it quickly….the bulging mouthful….I noticed the lady holding a clipboard with a bunch of names scrawled on 11”x18” sheets and knew immediately what they wanted….’twas a petition to have the doors from the elevator lobbies to the hallways ‘electrified’ on floors 2 to 7. Currently the 1st Floor is the ONLY one with the power door! and it seems pretty much common knowledge to residents it was ‘converted’ a couple or three years ago to become a ‘sales tool’ when giving potential renters a tour of the building. The ‘petition’ has been a rumour for a while but some ‘rebels’ had a meeting and here they were! Yours truly swallowed my Tilapia, without requiring the Heimlick manouver, signed my name, ‘forged’ Miz.Jo’s, and congratulated them both on their ‘efforts’. I ran into the guy early next ayem and he said they gathered FIVE PAGES of signatures! covering a lot of apartments and it’s been sent off to the Manager of Properties….methinks we want a reply on it ASAP, if it’s not too much trouble. Know what I’m sayin? I said….well, I THINK I said….this issue is NOT new, 5-6 years for the ‘day-oners’, and counting. Yet it’s always been shelved/put off and cetera….’TOO EXPENSIVE’ is a popular reply. Well, they just got a nice rent increase from all of us. Look! These doors are ‘fire doors’….surely required by law….and weigh a tonne, or close to it….they’re a ‘handful’ even for a healthy, younger person. BUT…75% of the people in #555 are oldsters; many on canes, a couple dozen on walkers, half a dozen or more ‘fully wheelchaired’….hence, if #555 Harris Place really IS a ‘high-end’ apartment building….and one of Skyline Living’s ‘flagship properties’!….it says here they best start achieving that title!! Lotsa ‘stories’ about 335 and 575, also part of this Skyline compound. DO they have power doors or DON’T they?? Hey! I don’t live there/don’t know/don’t really care! Miz. Jo and Rotzy live at #555. In #303. Did I mention that? Stay tuned!

When The Blue Jays….
….self-destructed on the ‘World Series launching pad’ (vs the Rays) a month or so back, it meant no more Buck Martinez and Pat Tabler until next April and we were swamped with a couple dozen ‘homer’ announcers, all favouring THEIR own teams,’ but all covering ‘The Great American Game’. Most of ’em are good/knowledgable baseball guys….albeit outright ‘homers’….but they were/are WRONG! About the game. It was NOT an ‘American’ invention….it was before anybody knew of Abner Doubleday, and years prior to Mr. and Mrs. Ruth naming their pudgy, newborn son George Herman, that the first game of Baseball was played. In Beachville, near Woodstock! Not Woodstock, New York….Woodstock, Ontario, CANADA! So take a bow, Jays fans….and if somebody asks you ”how’s your Jays doing”? Just ‘flip’ him/her your best ‘Blue Jay Birdie’! You pick YOUR W/Series fave yet? Better make haste….as of Sun 30th the Phillies won 1 and ditto for the Astros, Some facts: *Phillies….Born 1882/ 7 Pennants/ W/Series Winner 1980/2008. *Astros (Initially called Colt .45’s) Born 1962/ W/Series Wins 1 2020. Famous for the Houston Astrodome. I’m going for Philly….Rotzy was a Robin Roberts fan….the big ‘side-armer’ from back in the early/mid 1950’s….and they have really good uniforms! As to the Jays….wait ’til NEXT year!!

*Thought Of The Day…I don’t know how to act my age. I have never been there before.

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