Pickering’s new municipal council has finally reached a more equitable and representative reflection of the electorate.

With the physical change, we can only hope the anima of the council has changed also. We needed fresh blood. We needed new energy. We needed change. We got it: 6 men, 4 women; 10% Black. Now let’s watch the action.

Pickering has numerous issues which need addressing and this new council has the opportunity of improving the municipality. Hate and racist incidents are too prevalent in our city. Poverty is a serious concern poorly addressed in the past. Homeless issues still continue. Financial concerns bother almost every resident.

Perhaps the new councilors will bring innovative and dynamic energies to the council. Hopefully, the veteran councilors will bring experience and wisdom rather than intransigence and inertia.

Ashe, Brenner, Butt, Pickles, and Trustee McCafferty carry the onus of age, incumbency, and experience. Cook, Cunningham, Linton, Nagy, and Robinson represent the freshness and hope of new energy, new ideas, and new solutions.

It’s really a golden opportunity for Pickering to move forward.

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