EDITORIAL: Hallelujah…he’s back!

There’s a silver lining to every cloud. The media is singing prayers of thanks. He’s back and they’ve got their lodestone of gold to mine. He does get the attention of the media. So media profits.

But everything else about the man can be summed up with the phrase “devil reincarnate!”

TR will enliven the race with his malaproprism, lies, exaggerations and misusage of the English language, big time, hugely!

De Santis, Florida governor who looks like the leading contender for the Republican nominee for President has not yet felt the full force of the Hurricane TR unleashed. Wait for it.

The psycho will begin blasting in every direction with his verbal shotgun, his mouth and if he weren’t believed by so many Americans, he would merely be a comedic break to what would have been a boring campaign.

As is TR will re-energize and invigorate the campaign. Every week he will give us a new statement, a new piece of false news. Entertaining news is back…too bad it is such bad news. Worse still, some believe it to be ‘real news.’

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