Caught with your tires down?

Put em’ on now! If you were caught with your pants, err, tires down yesterday better move their installation to the top of your priority list.

If you did not install your winter tires yet, CAA would chastise you. According to the CAA, 7 C is the temperature at which drivers should install their winter tires.

Temperatures above 7 C will wear out your snow tires prematurely as the rubber is softer and warm temperatures wears away that softer rubber more quickly. Winter tires are designed for cold weather, among other things.

And do delude yourself into thinking all-season tires work as well, It’s the rubber compound my friend. All-seasons are not made for the cold. When the temperature drops, the all-season rubber stiffens reducing their traction capability. These tires do not work well in the cold. So you are fooling yourself if you think they are a satisfactory replacement for snow tires.

Winter tires are made specifically for winter driving. They have deeper grooves sharp irregular edges that enhances their traction capability in snow and on ice. The tire rubber stays flexible even with lower than 7C temperatures.  They increased sipes and dimpled tread make them ideal for winter driving. So get proper winter tires installed and be sure they are not worn beyond usefulness.

Remember a word of winter driving warning: snow makes for tough driving but speed kills in any season.

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