Nov 23 – Gripin’ about the snow which ain’t here yet

Grippin’ about the snow in Buffalo but not the heat in Qatar!

Say That Again….Please?
I just read a post on my twice-daily NFL Update….I know not how/why I landed on their mailing list?….a sub-par, substance-lacking site that is mostly all about advertising, ‘gossipy’ items that you’d likely find in National Enquirer and the likes: such as learning ‘Queen’ Camilla is a souse and the (Royal) family is shipping her out to a Betty Ford-like retreat for ‘the 28-day vacation’. ‘Nuff said about The Hound, OK? Back to the NFL site and an item that caught my eye in today’s (Fri 18th) ayem edition….yes, there is an ayem AND a PM! The Cleveland Browns were supposed to ‘shuffle off to Buffalo’ for a 1:00PM game Sun vs the Bills. That game is now to be played in Dee-troit’s Ford Dome. But that in itself isn’t what caught Rotzy’s eye….they’ve done the ‘Detroit thing’ before….and everybody knows Buffalo is ‘the armpit of the world’ when it comes to winter weather, but The Queen City is really outdoing itself this tyme round. Firstly, there was a State of Emergency already called on Thurs for Western New York, and the snow accumulation predictions for Thurs to Sunday? 5 ft. YES!!! It said FIVE FEET!!! By comparison, Toronto is looking for approximately 5 c/m….because we’re ‘metric’, which automatically sounds like LESS. Or MORE, right? Well, Rotzy still knows not HOW to ‘convert’ one to t’other….I ‘guess’ 1 c/m to be ‘about 1/2 an inch’? And 5 ‘American’ feet equals 60 ‘American’ inches, that’s a ‘definite’….which, converted to ‘Canadian centimeters’, is 120 c/m (approximately), which is, regardless of HOW you measure it, one helluva lot of snow! Rotzy can’t even recall THOSE kind of numbers in Nakina! (*yours truly’s never wanted to live in Buffalo, but I’d surely like to own an Arctic Cat*tm Dealership in Lackawana or Batavia this week!) As for the Bills, after the game in Detroit Sun, there’s no need/reason to fly back to Buffalo!….even if they COULD land!….as they have to be back in Motown Wed to play the Lions the next day (Thanksgiving) in the same building. So….SO….to the many Bills fans stuck in ‘The Armpit’ and having to watch the Sun game on TV, Good Luck! Sorry, but it’s CFL Grey Cup Sunday north of the 49th and here in Unit #303!!! But remember the Canadian Army is just up the QEW a piece if you need some help!!

More W E H T….Week #4
We’re getting more feedback on our ‘What Ever Happened To ?’ Rotzy’s in the dark on some (quite a few?) of them but enjoying trying to ‘guess’ at them ‘nonetheless’. Here’s some more: *W E H T that kid who fed Alexander the New Gravy Train Dog Food? *W E HT those little blue and gold Kodak Photo Huts? *And W E H T Kodak? (really?) *W E H T The Ring Of Fire? Not the Johnny Cash one, the ‘mining one’. (*Rotzy would love to hear the answer to THAT) *W E H T the Oakland/Los Angeles/Las Vegas Raiders? Does anyone, other than Otis Sistrunk or ‘The Snake’, care? *W E H T Cark Perkins’ ‘blue suede shoes’? (*not sure, but somebody forked over $200,000 for the late Steve Jobs’ old leather sandals a week ago!) Keep sending ’em in!!

‘A Rose Is A Rose’ or ‘La Vie en Rose’?
I don’t know/je ne sais pas which might be applicable in this case, if indeed either one might have anything remotely to do with it? The fact is that yours truly just returned from my ‘afternoon reading session’ down front in Edna The SUV, where the temp read -1C on the dashboard, and as I strolled by the perennial flower gardens to the left of entrance….where ‘some dogs’ (knowingly or unknowingly to their owners) poop and pee!….and there, on a 4 ft high rosebush were/are FOUR new (deep red) roses, not quite open, yet looking very healthy….and ready to bloom! Checked my watch and said (to myself) “Goodness me, Toad! (or something like that) it’s November 18th”!!

D.O.T.W. (no contest!)
It’s been a while since we’ve had a Dink Of The Week. We do for the Nov 23rd edition, and he blew any wannabe competition outta the water! Take a bow Ross Atkins, G/M of the Toronto Blue Jays. Three top notch players gone, in what, two days?! Three outfielders….one of whom can also play 2nd or S/S….not re-signed….the second of whom had one of the best batting averages in MLB following the all-star break ….not re-signed….and the third of whom oft has ‘potential MVP’ mentioned after his name by guys who call the games….traded to Seattle! And what did Mr. D.O.T.W. get in return? Had. Says here that ‘he got had’. Had real bad. A ‘relief pitcher’ and a ‘young pitching prospect’ in ‘A’-ball! Well, aren’t they all? Prospects! Puh-LEEEZE don’t tell me 2023 is gonna be yet another ‘re-building year for the Jays’! Again/still??!! What a dink.

Just A Few More Sleeps…..
….until the FIFA World Cup ‘kicks off’ with dozens and dozens of countries competing. Whoa! be still my pounding heart!! But not too still, thank you. Canada is in there somewhere, tho I know not where they’re ‘seeded’….or ARE teams ‘seeded’ in soccer? Like tennis players? Qatar is hosting it….Qatar???….and apparently Canada took the LONG road to get there. Anyway Doug Ford whistled some new LLBO rules thru so they can open bars at 7:00AM! (is that correct?) as 9:00AM was/is ‘too late for early games’. (9:00? when did it change from 11:30AM? And they close at 3:00AM? S–t, why bother closing? 3 hen eggs, sunny side up, a rasher of bacon, 2 flapjax, 2 whole wheat toast and jam….and a Bud Tall Boy. Sorry, but it’d be a ‘far cough’ for that breakkie, bacon/eggs and beer? No thank you. Can you tell Rotzy’s not the most avid ‘soccer’ fan in the world? Sorry lad, I meant to say ‘football’, and I WILL be cheering for Canada if and when the opportunity arises! But who’ll be the favourite on the Toronto restaurant/bar scene? Well, the stat I heard on Zoomer Radio News that really caught Rotzy off guard, altho it likely shouldn’t have, is that 70-some % of the GTA’s population are part of ‘The Visible Minority’!! Imagine. Well, Go, Canada, GO!!! But yours truly will leave the ‘beer and breakkie routine’ to other ‘more avid’ fans, OK? Does Pele still play? Well then, Go, Pele, GO! I’m off to Google*Maps*tm to find out where the hell Qatar is? (* by the bye, get THIS!….the gigantic host stadium (*80,000 capacity?) and others being used in Qatar are  ‘No Alcohol Zones’ during matches and the beer they DO sell is 0%. UNLESS you’re sitting in the BIG MONEY seats! Hence, for the privileged, and at $20 bucks a pop, it’s party tyme!!

*Thought Of The Day…I want to be 8 again and ruin my life differently. I have new ideas. (thx Gus….not his real name)

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