15 – Beat the damn thieves !


Source: CAA Magazine, Winter 2022
Helpful tips to keep your packages safe

AS THE HOLIDAYS approach, more Canadians shop online. Last year, consumers in Canada planned to spend about 37 percent of their gift budget online, reports Statista, an international market, and consumer analysis company.

With all these added deliveries, it’s also prime time for thieves to steal packages right from your front door. According to finder.com, a comparison and information platform, one in four Canadians have had their deliveries stolen. Ten percent of those lost an item worth more than $250.

Fortunately, there are ways you can help protect your shipments.

Basic protection

If you expect to be home when packages arrive, ask the shipper to require a signature when possible.

If you won’t be around:

  • ask the courier to deliver the parcel to a trusted neighbour
  • opt to pick up your package in-store

If you’re handy, consider repurposing an old chest or dresser into a delivery box for parcels. Place it in an inconspicuous spot on your porch, secure it with a lock and let your courier know how to access it.

Go high-tech

Combat would-be thieves with technology.

  • Install a doorbell camera, which allows you to monitor and record any activity at your door. Some are accessible directly from a smartphone and allow for two-way talking.
  • Use motion-sensor lights to scare away potential stealers.
  • Set up security cameras to discourage trespassers wary of being recorded.
  • Purchase a package guard or porch pirate bag, a reinforced nylon bag that locks to your front door or gate. Instruct the courier to place your package inside and close it using the combination lock.

With these proactive measures, you’ll deter those looking to add your packages to their own gift list.

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