PRODUCTIVITY: Text Blaze – a really useful tool for email users and writers

Attention email users and writers of any and all sorts…

If you write snippets of text repeatedly, greetings, salutations, phrases, text that you have to type over and over, TEXT BLAZE is your tool.

TEXT BLAZE allows you to create the phrase once and attach a keys shortcut to it. Then any time you type the keys shortcut, the entire phrase is inserted for you.

An example, let’s say that I type “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year” repeatedly in my messages. That’s a lot of repeated typing. What if I could type just ‘mx’ only. Much quicker, much easier. That’s what TEXT BLAZE allows you to do.

And now, you can get it FREE by using the download link offered below. If you download TEXT BLAZE, the free version, I receive credit toward the PRO version. I get no money, no kick back. You get TEXT BLAZE, free version and that will serve you really well. Believe me.

Here is the download link:  TEXT BLAZE download

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