BLACK DOG, Stuart Woods

Black Dog
Stuart Woods

Stone Barrington must battle a nasty opponent in the latest action-packed thriller from the #1 New York Times bestselling author.

After returning home from a treacherous adventure, Stone Barrington is all too happy to settle back down in his New York City abode. But when he’s introduced to a glamorous socialite with a staggering inheritance, Stone realizes his days are about to be anything but quiet.

As it turns out, Stone’s intriguing new companion has some surprisingly familiar ties and other far more sinister ones—including a nefarious enemy that gets too close for comfort. When it becomes clear that this miscreant will stop at nothing to get what he wants, and will endanger all whom Stone holds hear, Stone must step in to protect his friends and prevent a dangerous madman from wreaking havoc across the city.

Richard says
Nahhh…not this time. Stuart Woods usually delivers entertaining verbal comic books adults. Not this time. Black Dog has a good storyline about a wayward young man in his early thirties who crosses swords with everyone he meets. The story is engaging for the ways this young fellow appears in people’s lives though they do everything to avoid him. Our lead protagonist, Woods’ indomitable character Stone Barrington is the lawyer who controls the estate which the young man is trying to grab. That’s it. That’s the story line. Even worse is the abrupt ending where Woods just seems to have gotten up from his computer and yacked the manuscript out of the machine for the publisher and it got published.

Though the book is a waste of time, fans of Stuart Woods, particularly of his Stone Barrington series will still enjoy this read somewhat. As usual the dialogues is solid, the story development holds one’s attention and the unfolding of the plot is engaging. Depth? None. Thickening plot? Nope. A convoluted who-done-it? No way. In a nutshell, a waste of reading time.


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