Jan 30 – Judicial system GUILTY of inadequacies!

Ranting about the inadequacies of the judicial system again….and I agree with him.

Readers Write….
Check ’em out; *Canadian Tire Shopping Tip #22……..* When unable to locate staff, proceed to the Garden Centre and start up one of the chain saws. They will find you. * My wife is blaming me for ‘ruining’ her Birthday. That’s ridiculous! I didn’t even know it was her birthday! *To everyone who received a book from me at Christmas, they are due back at the Library next Friday. * I love waving my hand at random people, because for the rest of the day they’re trying to figure out who you were. Give it a try.

Group 29 Re-Visited
Miz. Jo and Rotzy had company here at Harris Place last Friday, a long awaited visit from our long-tyme friends Twennie and Josie (not their real names). Twennie was my Group Leader on steady ‘nights’ when Rotzy used to ‘make trucks’ for a living at G/M Oshawa, Actually, we didn’t

‘make’ them….we ‘assembled’ them….at the Oshawa Truck Assembly Plant (TAP)…GMC and Chev Extended Cab models. Methinks my area was known as Primary Chassis, Group 29 and we were the very first stages of assembly….as I recall, 40 or 50-strong….and Twennie looked after all of us, often not unlike a mother hen, under who-knows-how-many different different foremen/supervisors. Anyway, he (Twennie) foned here last Thurs from Niagara Falls to say they HOPED to stop by 555 Harris Place, after some Fine Dining (Japanese Steak House), an evening with The Casino’s one-armed bandits, and a stop at Butterfly World. They won a few hundred dollars, then lost it….and more. Unfortunately, seeing as dinner had cost them over $250! Anyway, they arrived Friday noon and it was tyme to catch up on stuff….with Twennie relaying ‘greetings’ from Eric (my partner from WI 2 Cell1) and Big Ray (Relief Man for Group 29)….(not their real names). After we moved to Nakina, Eric drove up in his red Corvette to visit us at Rancho Deluxe….and of course Twennie and Josie hold the record for Most Frequent Campers at R/D. By the bye, if the name ‘Twennie’ sounds vaguely familiar, it’s because he’s been the #2 P/R (Proof Reader) for “From Nakina” almost since the get-go….Rotzy calls him ‘Hawkeye’. In fact, to tell you the truth, when he foned from The Falls to say they were coming to Brant’s Ford, I said to Miz. Jo “Sure as s–t he wants an ”F/N” raise”! Well, I/we can’t afford it right now”! Hey, regardless….they’ve been good friends for a LONG tyme….and to remain in touch fairly regularily is a good thing….and pretty rare these days.

“F/N” Judicial/Penal Rant #4
And you thought Rotzy had made my point/was done with the subject?! Nope. And even if I were at/near the point of washing my hands of it all, with last week’s spike in violence in Toronto….in particularly on the TTC….it occurred to yours truly that Grandpa Frankie Lovett must be rolling over in his grave, I’m guessing two or three tymes a week to coincide with these ‘random’ attacks ….even tho he’s buried in Woodstock! But, having lived in the Toronto The Good era, he’d have trouble with the ages of the offenders, of course he’d never heard of the Y.O.A. OK, OK,OK….I touched on this point a few weeks back….and now I’ll repeat it. Society sets down it’s set of rules/laws to live by. If you don’t live by them, you are REMOVED from that society. OK? Now, if you’re a Canadian, we’ll say from Ontario, actually, from Toronto….and you’re between 13 and 18 years old….this is where it gets murky. Like, what happens next? Are you then ‘grounded’? Like when you were a kid? S–t….you ARE a kid! And a BAD kid at that, young lady! Well, fear not….you’ll have a ‘Get Out Of Jail Free’ card in no tyme at all….back on the streets again, riding the Red Rocket, laying a beating on people, robbing people, stabbing olde homeless winos to death. Lovely. I’ll tell you, Grandpa Frankie would be outta T.O. in a New York Minute!! By the bye, it’s now Sunday 9:25 ayem and the CBC News Toronto Desk has just reported THREE more ‘assault incidents’ on the TTC last night. Rotzy didn’t get any details….so treat this as just FYI….in spite of posting some 80 Constables riding the Buses, the Subways, and the Red Rockets at any given tyme. It says here that idea/plan is ‘guesswork’….better than nothing, but only marginally. Get the lawbreakers OFF THE STREET (and outta the ‘tube’ no matter what….be they ”from 8 to 80, blind, crippled or crazy”. Then, for God’s sake, keep them OFF the streets. Also, Rotzy’s fed up with the callers to talk radio (like Zoomer Radio) whining “where are the parents”? Who knows? But wherever they are, they are not ‘parenting’. But a goodly number of them are the same parents who are whining about the lack of ‘discipline’ teachers use on THEIR children in the classroom!! We (the Boards) took away their ‘right to discipline’ about two generations back and this is what we’ve got! We have ‘gone SOFT’ in the worst sense of the word. Such as the teacher who was shot point blank by one of her SIX-yr-old students down in the States last week. Rant #4 complete.

*Thought Of The Day…
For the ‘vegans’ out there
….a NEW product in the produce dept! ‘Plant-Based Mashed Potatoes’. (Rotzy didn’t make that up)

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