EDITORIAL: the days of the ‘old Internet’ are numbered.

That the  Internet is filled with false material, hoaxes, and fake information is not news to many people. There is so much false material on the Internet, it is shooting itself in the foot. Its days are numbered as more and more people realize and recognize that a significant portion of the material on the Internet is fake.

Read Toronto Star columnist Vinay Manon’s column about the fake restaurant review about a ‘restaurant’ in Montreal.

Then there are so many scammers and hackers posing greater risk and harm to Internet users, that now even fearless users are becoming skeptical and anxious when reading anything there.

To layer the cake with more icing, AI chatbots can generate stories in seconds and the material never touches the writing fingers of a real person. Add a media banner which can be photoshopped in minutes and the story takes on the cloak of authenticity immediately.

It’s just a matter of time before computer users begin to drop off like flies from vinegar.

Even the eponymous Google is threatened. AI responds more quickly and more fully than any Google search and much more practically. Google displays links to access sites as its answer while AI responds with full details in conversational responses. Google is likely to start investing millions, if not more, in AI just to stay alive. After all, valued as the GDP of the third highest country in the world, there is reason for Google to feel threatened.

We live in troubled times. Some even say we are going to hell in a handbasket as is, environment craziness, crime, social disruptions, corrupt and lawless authorities, irrational military invasions, and much more. The Internet is not safe from this turmoil and chaos.

No wonder an increasing number of people are abandoning its use and joining the “I don’t do anything on the Internet” camp. How long will it be before you join these unhappy campers yourself?

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