AI: some FREE Artificial Intelligence services are still available.

“AI,”  artificial intelligence services use computer technology to provide solutions for computer users. The most commonly used service is generating text, and writing something thought there are other AI processes that identify people, generate unique images and create business projects and plans.

Popularity at record speed
The field is relatively new, launched about 5 years ago, but it is very much in the news now because of ChatGPT which is a writing tool that created much excitement when it was published in the media. ChatGPT was inundated with over a million users in less than three months forcing the developers to restrict access to the service.

Profit and expensive
Others quickly got on the AI bandwagon to exploit the possibility of making money from the early excitement, exposure and attention AI was getting. Be wary if you want to experiment with AI as today, almost every AI service works on a FREE TRIAL/monthly subscription basis. And the subscriptions are usually in foreign currency making them very expensive when converted to Canadian.

Really ‘fee free’
The only free services for text creation readily available on the Internet are:

    Completely free at this time, very easy to use, practical and very quick results;

    Completely free and seems to be proud of this fact, easy to use and understand

  • Simplified
    A little complicated but once learned, easy to work with; currently completely free;

  • Writesonic
    [use its Chatsonic feature] Very quick results, relatively easy to use once you understand how to use Chatsonic

The big corporations charge big bucks for the AI services, so unless you have deep pockets or like learning complex configurations, avoid them completely:

  • Amazon AI $$$$$
  • Google Cloud AutoML Vision $$$$$
  • Google AI Platform (BARD) limited to Google selected users
  • Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio $$$$$

Experiment with caution
Artificial intelligence, sometimes called chatbots, can be very practical tools. They can write replies to requests very quickly and comprehensively. They can be used to inspire ideas and writing works that are surprisingly comprehensive and very engaging. They can be very useful tools acting as writing assistants and usually do an very good job of what they may be asked. They are constantly learning from the millions of world-wide entries that are being requested which improves the writing that they create. At this time, they are limited to material that is available prior to 2021 as well as having some limitations as to the kinds of work they will produce.



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