PRODUCTIVITY: NOTEZILLA digital post-it notes that beat all others, hands down

NOTEZILLA digital post-it notes that beat all others, hands down.

NOTEZILLA is the best tool you can possibly add to your digital arsenal.

NOTEZILLA is digital post-it notes on steroids. Writing about all the features of Notezilla is challenging because the app is capable of doing so many valuable things. It will become the Lamborghini of your digital garage in no time. It can be used for everything guaranteed to become your right-hand assistant as you use it more and more.

Just some things it can be used for:

  • Lists
  • Reminders
  • Notes
  • Records
  • Confidential notes
  • Website notation
  • Password vault

Powerful added features:

  • Notes about websites, on the website itself
  • Colored notation
  • Variable formatting of fonts
  • Tagging of all notes for easy searching
  • Search variables, by tag, by word, by title, by category

NOTEZILLA is a little pricey the first year but the annual subscription fee thereafter is very competitive.

Download site> NOTEZILLA

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